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5 Aspiring Part-Time Jobs for Fashion Students

If you study at a fashion college, you surely know that it costs an arm and a leg. On the other hand, fashion is your passion, and you are not complaining because you know that it is worth all the invested money and effort.  Student life is financially challenged, so you are thinking of getting a part-time job that is both fashion-related and brings you extra money at the same time. Here are some possible options for you.

1. Sales Assistant

If you are interested in working in retail, this is the right job for you. This is a great way to familiarize with trends in fashion, especially when it comes to beauty products that are popular and clothes that are must-have for a particular season. You will be in charge of assisting the customers and of arranging products in the store. If you show a good work ethic, commitment and loyalty, you can even be promoted to a sales manager.

2. Fashion Columnist

Writing about trends in fashion is one of the ways to get noticed and recognized. No matter if you will write for your local paper, or for campus publication, it is definitely a perfect way to start your work within the fashion industry. Make sure that you are standing out from the crowd with your unique, catchy style of writing and impressive knowledge of fashion. Hard work always pays off – remember that fashion columnists often attend fashion shows and assist photographers on photo shoots.

3. Promotional Staff

Join a highly respected agency that represents young people who are into fashion, and you are halfway there. Nowadays in Australia, there are agencies which hire young men and women for a wide range of services. You can work as a photographic or fashion model, model for event launches, hair or makeup artist, social media support, etc. As you can see, possibilities are infinite, and Brisbane based promotional staff have their hands full of engagements. Young people are regularly given a chance to present themselves and get an opportunity to earn some money and be noticed and remembered by the public and a wide range of social media. 

4. Stylist

You would like to be a stylist, but it seems like an impossible mission? Don't worry, it does not have to be such a nightmare. First of all, it is very important to research who you want to work with. Reach out to them directly, and if they recognize your enthusiasm, dedication and creativity, you can start off as their intern. You can easily get hired later on, if you show your skills and qualities of a good worker. You can also work in department stores, taking part in visual merchandising and window dressing. You can even take it to the next level and create looks for official website of the store, in cooperation with photographers, art directors and models.

5. Fashion Photographer

Since fashion and photography go hand in hand, this is a great opportunity for you to enter this fabulous world. Fashion photography is an amazing way to get started in this field, and you as a freelance photographer can begin at your campus publication or local paper. Fashion columns need photographs to follow the story, and here is where you take over. In this way, you will be in control of the creative process, and you will build up your portfolio at the same time.

As you can see, there are many aspiring part-time jobs that can bring you extra money and some contacts which will be useful for your future jobs. After all, any experience in fashion is good experience, and any of these jobs can help you make progress. Good luck!

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