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12 Best Tourist Attractions in Fujairah

The prime settlement of the East Coast, Fujairah is a modern city and a popular travelers’ destination. Though Fujairah is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, a rugged line of the famous Hajar Mountains separates the city from the rest six emirates. The destination is popularly known for stunning historical structures that are glorified with the finest restoration work. Clean beaches and crystal clear water host a number of activities such as swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, water surfing, yachting, and deep sea fishing; luring thousands of tourists from all over the world. Mesmerizing historical monuments, serene beaches, unique architecture, beautiful mosques, wadis, and much more – Fujairah has a lot to offer every visitor!
Have a quick glance at some of the best tourist attractions in Fujairah that you must visit.

*      Fujairah Fort

Supposedly the oldest fort in the UAE history, Fujairah Fort has served the emirate as an important defensive building as well as a ruling family’s residence. The fort that was built in the year 1670 was erroneously damaged during the early 20th century, by a British attack. The fort has been restored to the best of its glory, within past few years. It can be described as a wonderful structure comprising of three major sections, one square tower, two round towers, and several halls. In the Heritage Village surrounding the fort, you can view a number of restored houses, traditional life exhibits, and the demo of the Al-Yazrah irrigation system that used to be practiced as a traditional method by old Emirati farmers.

*      Al-Bidyah Mosque

A little towards the North of the Fujairah city, you can visit the oldest mosque in the UAE – Al-Bidyah Mosque. It’s a mud-brick construction that’s still considered to be the greatest accomplishment of that time. The spacious prayer hall in the mosque is divided into four equal squares by the central pillar. Decorated with beautiful arches and a prayer niche (mihrab), the hall is lined with ventilation openings. This mosque offers peaceful atmosphere that’s worth to experience.

*      Al-Hayl Castle

The fort was built around 250 years ago and is fondly known as the Sheikh Abdullah Palace. It has always been an important part of the area’s defense strategy. Having served as the surveillance and patrolling base, the Al-Hayl Castle was once the residence of the Fujairah’s ruling family. However, it ensures the caravan route to get into the city. The fort area is cavernous, featuring a spacious courtyard with sleeping quarters, kitchen, a watchtower, storage, and even salons.

*      Bull Butting

Bull butting is an ancient sport in Fujairah that was introduced by Portuguese colonizers. On every Friday, tourists can watch this popular family event that begins with around 10 pairs of bulls fighting with each other. While the winners move ahead to the next round, tourists can experience the frisson of thrill even if trained attendants carefully handle the bulls around.

*      Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Once in Fujairah, your must visit the modern Sheikh Zayed Mosque that’s as huge as around three football pitches. A wonderfully constructed structure features six 100 meter high minarets and a spacious mammoth prayer hall with the capacity of accommodating almost 32,000 worshippers. It’s one of the largest mosques across the UAE and the white facade makes a major landmark in the city.

*      Bithnah Fort

This fort was built in the year 1735 and was considered to be one of the vital spots related to the defense of the Easterm region of the UAE. Though it’s situated outside the city of Fujairah, the fort witnesses all the strategic routes that cross the Wadi Ham and ultimately, the Hajar Mountains.

*      Fujairah Museum

Do antiques interest you? The Fujairah Museum is the right place to spend a few hours then! A drive to a little South of the Fujairah Fort is the Fujairah Museum that exhibits an incredible collection of ancient artifacts that date back to the Bronze Age and have been unearthed during the archeological work in Qidfa and Bithnah. Take a look at the weaponry from the Bronze and Iron Age, painted pottery, pre-Islamic silver coins, and carved soapstone vessels. The famous bowl made up of the ostrich egg (2,200 years ago) is still here in the museum. You can also take a glance at the typical Emirati lifestyle display.

*      Ain al-Madhab Hot Springs

Experience the local retreat at the Ain al-Madhab Hot Springs! A perfect location at the foothills of the Hajar Mountains makes this place an easily accessible one. You’ll be amazed to know that these mineral springs give out warm sulfuric water that’s later pumped into two different swimming pools. Males and females can bathe in separate bathing areas.

*      Beaches in & around Fujairah

Beaches in Fujairah are some of the best ones in the country and offer exceptionally good facilities to visitors. You cannot miss on one of the scuba diving and snorkeling experiences that these beaches have in store for you! While you can relax and soak up the sun, the Fujairah beaches offer a lot of facilities including cafes, restaurants, sunshades, and loungers must for a day trip with your family.

*      Wadis

Have you ever heard of the wadis? The unique topography of this region imparts the region dry riverbeds popularly known as wadis (valleys). You can visit some of the most beautiful wadis including the longest one - Wadi Ham, Wadi Mai, and Wadi Saham. Moreover, Wadi al-Tawain and Wadi al-Wuraya are two sought after attractions for the stunning route through mountains.

*      Masafi

The Masafi village, located on the outline of the Hajar Mountains, was once a refueling post and trading spot during the construction of modern highways in the region. The village is best known among tourists for its natural springs and the leading mineral water producer in the Gulf is located near Masafi. As you drive through the Dubai-Fujairah Road and come near Masafi, a fabulous local market welcomes you with hundreds of appealing antiques, carpets, earthenware, and local handicrafts.
Several tourists, who travel to emirate’s jewel Dubai, often drive to Fujairah to relax. It is only 40 minutes drive from Dubai. For relaxing and sunbathing, the beautiful coastline of Fujairah is ideal.

Several tourist flocks Fujairah for a break from glitz & glamour of Dubai. For adventure lovers, Dubai is a paradise. This city is perfect for land, sea and air adventure. Adventure enthusiasts can explore as many as 101 things to do in Dubai.  Both the emirates are so beautiful in their own way that pulls travelers from different parts of the world. 

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