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Interview with Award Winning Author E.C. Ayres:Talking about New Book Red Tide

So let’s start by talking a little about yourself and your background.
What is the genre of books you usually write about?
I write mystery novels.

‘Red Tide’ was your recently published book. Tell us something about the book?
Red Tide is the fifth of the Tony Lowell Mystery series, dealing with a potential ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, intended to be covered up by five murders.

So you’ve lived in a number of places. Does that experience of living in various places reflect on your books?
It reflects in several of my books, including R.I.P. And The Shakespeare Chronicles set in London, and Inside the New China about my three years living and working in China. My Tony Lowell Mysteries are set in Florida, with the exception of Lair of the Lizard, set in Santa Fe, where I spent two years.

Did you always want to become a writer and what inspired you to be one?
Originally I wanted to be a filmmaker, and was so in New York during my twenties, until I moved to Hollywood and became a writer.

Red Tide is an environment mystery novel. What is that draws you to this genre and is there any authors who inspired you to be inclined to this genre?
J. J. Jance also wrote some environmental thrillers early on. I am not aware of others.

There are lots of bestselling novels that are adopted into films. What’s your say on that?
This has been going on since Hollywood's beginnings.

If your novel ‘Red Tide’ was adapted into a movie, which actor/actresses would you like seeing playing the lead characters?
Interesting question. I like Jeff Bridges for Tony Lowell, but he's getting on in years.

Your book cover is really interesting. How did it come about and who designed it?
It was designed by Jesse James Freeman, one of the designers at Booktrope. I wanted to show the abandoned fishing boat on the Gulf of Mexico, where the murders took place, and to hint at the presence of the natural phenomenomn of Red Tide in the water, which is used to cover the presence of blood.

Since the books that you’ve written is a series, I would like to ask your personal opinion on the recent release on Harper Lee’s new book ‘Go Set A Watchman’ which is a sequel to ‘To Kill A Mocking’ coming out after 45 years which also broke the record of being Amazon’s ‘Most Pre-ordered Book’ since the final book of Harry Potter.
From what I am gathering from reviewers, this book was actually written earlier, and Lee has not matured as an author.

I read it on your blog where you stated that ‘Red Tide’ was 17 years in the making. Tell us a little bit more about it.
I wrote the first draft in 1998, and my agent couldn't come to terms with my publisher at the time. I shelved it for years, and revived it last year.

What do you think about ‘trailers’ for books? Do you have one or intend to create one?
I am old school; nor do I have the technological skill to produce one, and am not convinced of their value.

You’ve been an award winning novelist. What do you think about literary awards?
I think they serve an important place in the literary world. With millions of books on Amazon, something needs to enable them to stand out.

If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why?
I would have been F. Scott Fitzgerald and written 'The Great Gatsby.'

I personally as an interviewer and a blogger, am based in India, which has the world’s largest population of English speakers with huge potential readership. What do you think about India, readers from India and how can they get access to your book Red Tide?
Indian readers can order Red Tide on Amazon the same way anyone else can, to my knowledge.

You’ve been involved in environmental issues and that certainly does reflect on your books as well. What message would you like to give to young authors who could do the same or just anyone who could be a responsible human to conserve the environment and use their potential in any form to help?
The environment is one of the most important issues of our time. Our world is changing, and we are responsible for much of that as a species.

How do you market your books and any tips for authors on that?
I use social media, but am new to marketing as in the past my publisher did that.

What do you think about good and bad reviews?
Reviewers have a right to their opinion.

What’s your view on social media for marketing?
I think it is useful.

If you have to give one good reason why one should go get a copy of Red Tide, what would it be?
It will entertain you for days, provide food for thought, and all for the cost of a frappucino.

Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included?
I have published ten books, including eight mysteries.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?
They can google E.C. Ayres and find a lot. They can also visit the following:

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