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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Guests from Your House?

     Let's face it guys. It is not rude but there are times when you're tired and want to spend some quality time at home and entertaining guests may not be a good idea and there you go, guest arriving at home and staying for a long time. All you want that time is to get rid of those guests from your house and that's not rude to accept the fact as a human, everyone goes through times like that one day or the other.

    So here are some life hacks for you using which you can get rid of unwanted guests from home.

1. Tell Them you're Sick: So you get a call that few guests are coming over home, then just let them know you're really sick and have a contiguous health problem. This would make quite an impact for the guest not to come over to stay at your place.

2. Remain Sick: So the guests are already at your place then pretend as if you're still sick and remain in your bed. Do not give much attention to them and give all your attention to yourself. A guest wouldn't want to stay at a place where he would actually have to take care of the host.

3. Order Food and Make Them Pay: Call up the nearest takeaway and order lots of great food and make them pay. Make stupid reasons like you don't have any change or you have to go to the ATM to get some cash and your guest will have to pay for them and it would certainly help them getting rid of those guests.

4. Make Your Guests Work: Since as a host you're sick, let the guests work. Letting them do the dishes, sweep the floor or even cook would be a better idea. You could make a good excuse with the sickness to lay in bed and rest and make the guests work.

5. Annoy Them: If that is not enough, try to annoy your guests to get rid of them. Play loud music, sing on top of your voice or invite some annoying friends over and gossip and talk loudly that would really annoy your guests and you'll soon see them packing their bags.

6. No Access: Make sure you do not give your guests access to your wifi password and computer if they need it. Make some stupid reason why you can't and this will give them sure hints that now it's time to leave.

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  1. I have applied these things already with my guests. they didn't spend a single penny. they said they don't have money. I almost gave up how to exit my regular guests. I am surviving from last one year. My job is getting affected, my personal life is moving into hell. In a month of 30 days, my home is occupied with guests for around 24 days. One goes another come. I completely exhausted. My husband and I completely helpless, but my relatives are not stopping bothering my privacy, personal and professional life. Now tell me. you can do something to help me. Anyone can help to bring me out from this trauma.Please...

  2. This is again me. They don't even come in single count. Almost 6-7 people live in my home as a forever guests. Please spread this post and my comment to help me..... My married life is getting worst day by day. i am getting depressed. I cannot say my problem to anyone as this is my love marriage. Relatives like chacha, mama, mosa, mosi, tai, cousin brother in law, sister in law, husbands of sister in laws, in laws of sister in laws, cousine chacha, mama, mosa, and lots of others.... hufffffff... My home has become dharmshala where people came to eat and stay for long, all at free...

    1. Well buddy the best option for you is to tell your guests that you want them to leave. Confess them. That is all you can do. If they don't then tell them you're selling the house and moving to a small rented apartment. I guess that will help


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