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How to Get More Social Shares on Your Blog Post? 16 Awesome Ways

     Social network has been one of the most traffic driving sources for most online contents and blog posts and is never out of fashion when it comes to increasing the amount of views in your blog post. No wonder the amount of people who uses the social media is huge on a daily basis so the chances of a content getting viral from a social media is big too.
      Yes, with a better SEO, getting a lot of traffic from search engine is great but also optimizing your blog and posts for easy social share is also important if a blogger wants to drive more traffic to his blog.
    So here are ways in which you can get more social shares on your blog post whether be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or StumbleUpon.

1. Content is Always the King: The content of your blog is always the king when it comes to getting more traffic so it is the king when it comes to making your blog post to have more potential to get more social shares. A well written article, that helps a reader or find it enjoyable is more likely to get shared in social media account. Especially if the post is relatable to a particular audience that they personally find it interesting or touches their sentiments, gain more chances to be shared in social network. A lot of bloggers are writing articles targeting particular audience group, which touches their emotions, for instance an article on a travel blog about 10 Best Things about being a Traveler may be quite relatable to a travel and is more likely to share it in his Facebook or tweet about it in Twitter.

2. Know Your Audience and Write for Them: As mentioned already above, writing for your audience. Know who is your targeted audience and writing blog contents that they can personally relate. Writing articles that is off topic and your audience cannot understand or relate to has no chance of being shared it. For instance, if you have a fashion blog and you write an article on some science research then your audience may find it boring and has a very thin chance of getting shared in social network. Make your contents interesting by knowing who you are writing for and touch their emotions so that your blog post has the fullest potential of getting shared online in various social media sites.

3. Social Share Buttons: It is also very important that the layout and design of your blog has important social share buttons that makes your audience and readers easy to share the content. Your use various share buttons from sites like ShareThis, AddThis and SumoMe which is very simple to install and makes your blog post three times more likely to be shares in Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Check how Twitter can be used a tool for blogging here

4. Personalized Messages: Make a habit to leave personalized signature quotes and messages by the end of every blog post requesting your readers to share it in social media if they liked it. Make sure that the message doesn't sound forceful, rude or like a mean marketing technique. Make your language friendly and have a great relationship with your readers by what you writing. A good connection with your readers using the post, will get a personal touch and be convincing enough to make your blog post more shareable.

5. Pop Up Share Windows: These pop up share windows can be installed in your blog so that they pop up when your readers are reading your post requesting them to share the blog content on social media sites. You can use blog tools like the Hello Bar, SumoMe or personalized html codes to install these pop up windows for social shares in your blog. Also be careful that the timing that the pop up window pops up is set up in such a way that they pop up after the readers have read your contents. These pop up windows popping up when the reader has just begun to read or half way reading your blog post, may get irritating and forceful so let it not have a negative impact with your readers.

6. Make Your Blog Images PinInterest Friendly: Pinterest has the power to boost a lot of traffic to your blog and for this you need to make sure that few of the images that you use is also Pinterest friendly. Do use portrait images in your blog post, which looks good and appealing so that when shared in PinInterest can work wonders when it comes to driving traffic to your blog post. You can also add Pinterest Pin It button on your blog for this purpose to make your blog articles more socially shareable.

7. Pitch to Brands and Communities: When you are writing an article of high quality about any particular brands or targeted to particular community, after you publish it, send emails and messages to those brands and communities about your blog post with a link to it asking them if they could share it in their social handles. Big brands and communities have tons of followers so if they accept to share it in their social handles, this means your blog post would get even more share and a large number of traffic. Best way to practice this is to tweet to their twitter accounts or message them on their Facebook pages.

8. Write about Trending Topics: Hots topics always gets the attention. Whenever you write a blog post, make sure you write about topics that are trending and before anyone else does so that your post won't get lost within the pool of other contents. Unique and trending contents always gets the attention and has a high chance of getting shared in social media platforms. You can check the details about 10 Tips to Make Your Blog Post Popular here

9. Solve Your Audience's Problems: Write blog post that solve problems that your audience faces. Blog posts that are highly informative gets more likes and trust from readers. Articles that are more of tutorials and how to's that actually helps the readers and solve their problems, have a big chance of getting shared in social media across the world.

10. Make Your Contents Details: A short and brief blog post may not get social shares as these do not provide proper insight and information. Always make it a point to write long, descriptive and details blog posts that give your readers valuable information that is worth sharing in social media. Always make sure to write contents that are at least 1000 words.

11. Stop with the Low Quality and Dull Contents: Quality always runs out quantity. A lot of bloggers make this mistake of writing and publishing low quality and short contents that have no valuable information just posted to maintain their frequency of blog posting. So, whenever you are writing a blog post, a high quality content always runs out dull ones so make sure whenever you're writing one, a dull one is not posted else your reputation may go down so will the potential of being shared online.

12. List Based Articles: List based articles always works the best and have 50% more chance of being shared in social media. People love lists and top 10 articles so get creative and make your blog post interesting. You can even transform your old dull blog contents into a list based fun blog post so that they have the chances of being shared more online. Even if you scan through your Facebook and social network newsfeed, you'll see that there are more list based articles that are shared more than any other type of blog posts. So chances are there that if your blog content is list based, your post will be probably be shared more. You can check the details of 26 Amazing and Unique Blogging Ideas here

13. Add Infographics to Your Blog Post: People love infographics. A plain dull article full of texts may look boring and uninteresting. But the same content, made visually appealing using pictures and infographics to explain what your blog post is explaining will automatically make it more lively, shareable and interesting. People tend to share infographics on social network more than the normal text filled blog posts.

14. Add Larger Social Sharing Buttons: Yes, this matters a lot. Bloggers often make the mistake of having tiny social sharing buttons on their blogs which are often neglected and ignored. Adding social share buttons that are large and visually appealing will get more chances of being social shared in the internet.

15. Not Too Many Social Buttons: Check what social media brings more traffic to your blog and emphasize of those social network only. Do not add a lot of social share buttons but focus on those social media that usually works for you and add those social share buttons only. For instance, twitter works best for blogging related blogs, Facebook for lifestyle and news blogs, Pinterest for food blogs and Instagram for Fashion blogs so know what works the best for you and prioritize your efforts of these social network.

16. Make Your Blog Titles Compelling and Catchy: Catchy headlines always works wonders and so does it in the social media as well. A blog post with a very catchy and compelling title is very much likely to be checked and shared. But again make sure your blog titles aren't misleading.

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