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How to Get More Shares on Twitter For Your Blog? 18 Secret Ways

Never under-estimate Twitter when it comes to getting more traffic to your blog. Twitter has a lot of users and can prove very fruitful when it comes to content marketing. 

 The fan base in Twitter is growing rapidly and it has been reported that about 25% increase is being recorded every year in Twitter. So to make the most out of Twitter, it is necessary that your blog posts get shared more and more in Twitter and you can achieve this by following a few guidelines.

     Here are few guidelines how you can get more shares on twitter for your blog to get maximum traffic to your blog:

1. Add a Twitter Share Button On your Blog: To make it easier for your readers to share your blog posts and contents on Twitter, it is important for you to add a twitter share button on your blog. You can get this easily from the developer site of Twitter. I personally recommend to use widgets like SumoMe, ShareThis and AddThis on your blog that would help you add sharing buttons for Twitter on your blog layout making it easier to tweet about your blog by your readers.

2. Ask Your Readers to Tweet: Always make your blog posts engaging and conversational. Talk to your readers while you write. Ask them to tweet about your blog if they like it and they will surely do if your blog content and articles are really worth it. Make sure this doesn't look forceful or heavily promotional as well. Be conversant and ask your readers to share your blog on Twitter to get more shares.

3. Mention Influencers and Brands: Whenever you write a blog post and publish it, make sure you tweet about it in your twitter handle. If there is any particular brand or influencer that is related to your blog content, mention them in your tweets as well. This way even they get to know about your contents and will likely get shared on Twitter by them resulting in more exposure and share in Twitter.

4. Know The Right Time to Tweet: Study your twitter followers and know when would be the perfect time to tweet when most people are online. This way your tweets will get more visibility and is likely to get more shared. You can use tools like Followerwonk or Manage Flitter to figure out when would be the best time to tweet your contents on your blog and tweet accordingly.

5. Use Promoted Tweets: Paying a little to Twitter can be really helpful to boost shares for your blog. If you have an exceptionally well written post which the audience would love to read and share, use Promoted Tweets officially from Twitter to get more exposure and retweets resulting in additional shares of your blog on Twitter.

6. Know Your Twitter Topics: You can also use tools like Followerwonk to know about the topics that your audience is interested in and then write articles on your blog based on that. This way you have a high chance of getting more tweets and shares about your blog.

7. Post Contents, Not Just Links: Make your twitter handle looks interesting, not just promotional. Tweet information, quotes, not just links. People love information so you can use a lot of infos to tweet and then later tweet links as well to get more exposure.

8. Tweet Often: Twitter is a place where you can be active and tweet often and your followers wouldn't be disturbed as well. There is no use of having a Twitter social handle if you're not active. So be more active and engaging to result in engaging posts and links.

9. Join Triberr: Sign up at Triberr and find your tribe related to the contents that you post in your blog. This way you'll be in touch with a lot of people who would genuinely be interested on what you write, blog and tweet and this way they will likely be tweeting about your blog as well.

10.  Content is King: Post quality contents. If you want your posts to be shared in Twitter, write quality articles. A low quality post is very less likely to be shared hence better the quality, more potential it has to be get shared and tweeted in Twitter.

11.  Use Trending Hashtags: Write blog posts about trending topics and when sharing it in Twitter, use those trending hashtags. Trending Hashtags are widely searched by users in Twitter giving your tweets more visibility and potential chance of getting more additional retweets, tweets and shares.

12. Write Compelling Tweets: The 140 characters that you use while twitter should make an interesting and compelling headline so that the audience gets attracted to it, gaining more readership and shares from twitter.

13. Engage With Your Followers: Be social on Twitter. Mention and tweet your followers and engage with them. Create a friendly environment and have a pleasant friendly interaction with your followers. This way trusts get built up making it more probable for your followers in twitter to tweet about your blog.

14. Share Other People's Content: If you only share your content in Twitter, you account may look really promotional. Hence, make it a point to share contents from other blogs and users as well so that even they do the same resulting it on more blog share on twitter.

15. Tweet About Controversial and Shocking Topics: People love shocking news and controversies. They are something that quickly grasp people's attention hence tweeting about contents that lights a spark of controversy will indeed gain more retweet and twitter blog share.

16. Use Images to Tweet: People love visual appeal so tweeting your blog contents with related images will have more chance of it getting discovered, read and shared.

17. Embed Tweets on your Blog: You can use relevant tweets and embed them on your blog posts giving them more exposure and if they catch attention of your readers and they like it, it may result in more engagement and shares in Twitter.

18. Use Click to Tweet: Use quotes on your blog post and using Click to Tweet tool, you could add tweet button next to the quote which would make it easier for people to tweet about it.

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