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How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page Using Your Blog?

For all those bloggers out there, you probably maybe having a Facebook page for your blog, where you post update, posts, pictures and announcements which has become a great tool to connect with your readers. Well, to have a great interactive Facebook page for your blog, you do require a lot of people to Like your Facebook page too. For this reason, this post is going to teach you how to get more likes in your Facebook page using your blog.
     A lot of traffic may come to your blog, where people come and read your posts and leave. Well, you can actually convert those readers to your regular readers by gaining like from them to your blog and there is a way how.

1. Place a Facebook Page Plugin on your blog: It is very important you place a Facebook page plugin on your blog, most probably on the sidebar or sometimes below the post, whichever works best for you. All you need to do is go to Facebook Developers Page to configure your Facebook Page plugin, get the code and paste the HTML code on your sidebar where you Facebook LIKE box would be displayed. A lot of viewers on your blog would see that and click on the like button to LIKE your page. If you want to know how to get the Facebook page plugin, click here to go to the Facebook developer site.

2. Post Signatures: After every blog post you write, post small personalized signature thanking your readers who have read the post for reading it and request to like your Facebook page which would be appreciated. You can also embed a Facebook Like button with the message so that they could easily and instantly like your blog’s official page in your blog.

3. Facebook Pop Up Like Box: Facebook Pop Up Like Box works really well when it comes to gaining and increasing the amount of likes on your Facebook fan page. It is a pop up box that pop up and appears where the reader will have the option to either hit like or to close the box.
4. Install Hello Bar: Hello Bar is being used by tons of bloggers, as it helps so much in gaining subscribers, social followers and advertising links and pages. Well, hello bar can be effectively used for gaining more likes on your Facebook page too. Just select your goals, choose your text and enter the url of your Facebook page, and choose how would you like it to be displayed, whether it be as a blog take over page, a small bar on the top or bottom or side and give your blog viewers little message to like your Facebook page and this works really well.

5. Email Signatures: A lot of bloggers use emails to communicate frequently so make sure you include a Like My Blog on Facebook link on your email signature too so that anyone reading your mails would see that and would like your blog fan page too.

6. Word of Mouth: Whenever you are socializing and talking with your friends and peers, talk to them about your blog and ask the, to like your Facebook page. Talk and ask your peers and blogger friends and collaborators to like your Facebook page too and also invite their friends to like it.

7. Like Networks: Much people don't know about it but there is a network of social influencers and bloggers who use this to gain visibility in social network. So using this you can get a lot of Facebook likes and followers and it won't take much time either. All you got to do is sign up and help and follow simple tasks and gain points and use those points to get help getting likes. Well, this is also the easiest and the most effective way to get likes on your post. Use This Link to sign up and get 50 points free as a bonus. Sign Up here!

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