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7 Amazing Ways Drones Are Being Used Nowadays

While to the military they are UAVs or Unnamed Aerial Vehicles, or RPAS, Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems, they are commonly known as drones. Drones are commonly used in situations where manned flight is considered too risky or difficult. They provide troops with a constant vigilance. Each aircraft can stay aloft for up to 17 hours at a time, loitering over an area and sending back real-time imagery of activities on the ground. While to many drones conjure the images of military use and war weaponry, these revolutionary flying devices are being used in many ways today.

Check out the 7 amazing ways drones are being used

1.  Farming - With the aerial abilities of drones, farmers are able to see whether their irrigation system is working well, how the crops are growing, and if any of the plants or vegetation is dying out. Drones help farmers in taking critical decisions on time such as when and where to fertilize, plant, or water. Farming is tough but drones are making it simpler and fruitful for the farmers.

2.  Real estate buying/selling - Aerial photos and videos which were once reserved for luxury home listings are now being used increasingly for buying/selling moderately priced places too. Drones are inexpensive and are being used for enhancing even the most mundane homes. A drone tour of the house helps highlight the best features that it has and attracts potential buyers to it.

3.  Construction - Drones are capable of building high-rise structures. The mere idea of drones acting as construction workers sounds very fascinating. Like a spider, the drone spools cable behind it as it zips between supports. It is made to weave a structure high above where ordinary building equipment can easily reach. Since there is no physical connection with the ground, drones can move construction elements to any location, and fly in and around existing structures.

4.  Reporting - In reporting, it is of the utmost importance to catch the active live, as it happens. In many places, reporters are already making use of drones to capture the day’s news.

5.  Tracking and preventing endangered species - Tracking endangered species is not an easy thing but with its aerial capabilities, drones are quite effective in preventing poaching. Drones are being used to keep track of endangered species by floating above the treetops and watching the endangered species.

6.  Saving the environment - Many scientists these days are using drones to test air quality, to check environmental violations, and to test the make-up of the ozone. In Italy, drones are used for monitoring illegal dumping.

7.  Saving human lives - Recent studies have shown that drones can be used for delivering defibrillators to heart attack victims much faster than ambulance. Drones can also be used in critical life-saving situations such as searching for buried avalanche victims.

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