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5 Wardrobe Pieces Every Stylish Man Owns

Fashion isn’t reserved for women exclusively. Every proper gentleman cares about how he looks, because it is a reflection of his personality. What’s IN and what’s not varies depending on the current trends, and the personal style of man varies depending on his preferences, age, profession and social circles. Still, there are some things that should be in every man’s wardrobe. Those pieces should be timeless, well-fitting and dressed to impress. Now, let’s find out what are those essentials that will keep the fashion police away.


Whether you are a student or a Wall Street salesman, there will come a moment in your life when a formal suit will come in handy. And if you are buying one, make sure it’s a good one. Though we are all about the saying “A suit doesn’t make a man”, there can be nothing worse than loose-fitting suit, the wrong size and poorly matched colors. Sharply tailored and well-fitting suit will be your life savior when the danger of showing up somewhere under-dressed. Single-breasted and classic color (black or grey) suit is your safest choice. It will provide you the basis which you can adapt with different shirts, ties and shoes, and always look fresh and different.


The casual wear essential that will be your choice in most of the occasion should find its place in your wardrobe. Choosing from many shades of jeans can seem as a difficult task. The easiest way out is to buy them all. Still, the one shade you’ll need the most is dark blue jeans. Blue denim is adaptable to various styles, from dressy-casual to sporty wear. It can be worn with floaters, sneakers or loafer. You can combine it with a fancy jacket, plain T-shirt or a plaid shirt. Knowing all that, every self-respecting man will invest in a well-fitting and long-lasting pair of custom jeans.

Leather jacket

Black leather jacket will be that one piece that will pull off some dressy casual look. When you are going to a party, a dinner that is not formal enough for a tailored suit, leather jacket will be the thing that will save you of the potential over-dressing. Investing in black or brown leather jacket will pay off, because it is possible to combine it with different looks. Pair it up with black jeans to achieve the elegant, yet relaxed look, you would wear on a casual lunch or a date. To add some youthfulness to your appearance, pair the leather jacket with solid color chinos and a statement T-shirt underneath.


The first thing a woman will notice on a man are his shoes. So make her stare in wonder, amazed with your great taste. When choosing the shoes, always opt for classic black. Don’t be afraid to pay a little more than you would usually dare. This will be a worthy investment, because they are made to last through the years and the trends. All the other shoes you’ll own are transitory. A killer combination is, of course, black shoes and a black belt. When wearing black shoes, pair them with black socks.


It’s what separates a stylish man from an ordinary human being. A nice, classic, yet eye-catching watch will elevate your look and tell a story about your sense of style and your personality. If you are running on limited budget, you should invest in one watch that can adapt to various outfits and occasions. Black and silver is the best combination, but you can opt for brown too, if that’s your cup of tea. Pair your watch with shoes and belt. If you have more money available, purchase one formal watch and one sporty.

Most of the fashion mistakes men commonly make could easily be avoided if they would just stick to classic look. Taking fashion risks comes only after you become proficient in style essentials. 

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