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16 Ways to Get More Shares on Facebook for Your Blog

You write a great content and now all you need is viewers to read that on your blog. Well, some great SEO in your blog post may bring traffic to your site but how about bringing the maximum traffic that your blog post deserves and the ultimate place to get it is from Facebook.

    Facebook is indeed the most popular social network in the world where almost every user is active everyday. So if you use ways that makes your blog post more shareable in Facebook then chance are that your article will land up getting more views and even going viral.

    For this reasons, why not use few tips on how to get more Facebook share on your blog post:

1. Share Your Contents on Your Facebook
    Whenever you post something on your blog, make sure you share that in your Facebook timeline as well for your friends to read and if you think that the post can particularly be interesting to certain friends, tag them as well. This makes the chance of them sharing your Facebook post get higher as well. Also do share your Facebook manually in your Facebook page so that fans of your blog would get updated about your new blog posts which increases the potential of your blog post getting shared more.

2. Embed Facebook Posts on Your Blog
    Find out what are your recent Facebook posts that you’ve posted on your timeline and your page and then those posts can be embed on blog posts that are related to it and make sense being posted in it. This increases the visibility of the post and chance of it getting liked, viewed and shared. A lot of readers will share the Facebook post from your blog if they find it interesting.

3. Add Attractive Images on Your Blog Posts
    A picture is always a thousand words and those attractive images that you add on your blog posts are the reason that catches people’s attention on Facebook. If you want to get your blog post getting shared more in Facebook than adding eye catching pictures in it is always necessary and increases the chance of Facebook social share.

4. Ask People to Share Your Blog Post
    Asking people to share it always works. If you have friends with a lot of following, you can always ask them to share an interesting blog post that you published on their Facebook timeline. You can even message popular Facebook pages asking them to share a particular blog post on their Facebook page provided the post is related to their page.

5. Make Your Blog Post Engaging and Compelling for a Share
    Whenever you write a blog post, make it more engaging to the readers. Ask questions and feedbacks. Write your blog posts in such a way that your readers can relate to it and that makes it more probable for your audience to share the post on your blog on their Facebook. Do not underestimate this. A blogger who understands his audience, connects with them and touches their sentiments or helps them with their blog post, will always gain trust and have an increased potential of getting shared on their Facebook.

6. Variety is the Spice on Your Blog Post
     Fill your blog post with variety. Add relevant images, videos and infographics. You can also add references, polls and charts that make your blog post more interesting, informative and attractive. Blog posts that have variety and look interesting are shared more in social networks like Facebook.

7.  Focus on Trending Topics
    Check out your Facebook newsfeed and notice what are people talking about the most and posting stuffs about. Study what are the trending topics and you could even check Google Trends for that. Trending hashtags in Facebook and Twitter as well give you an idea about the trending topics. Then start writing about those trending topics on your blog. Trending topic blog posts are more shareable on Facebook social network than any other topic and are also more viewed giving you an increased traffic to your blog.

8. Share What is Relevant
   Know your audience well and share what is relevant. If your blog is about fashion and style, writing an article about SEO and technology may not get any focus, attention and shares. It may instead make your audiences disinterested. The same goes when you’re sharing your posts on Facebook. If you think a particular blog content won’t interest your Facebook followers, then don’t share them else it will just look like spamming the newsfeed.

9. Write and Share Exclusive Contents
    Whenever you’re writing and creating a blog post, try to focus on what is exclusive. Writing about contents that are unique and interesting and sharing them on Facebook, increases curiosity amongst your Facebook followers and gets more shares. Exclusive contents are also rare so getting something really new and interesting on Facebook will make it more shareable.

10. Invoke Emotional Response
    It is important to connect with your audience and followers so share contents in Facebook that will touch your follower’s emotion and invoke an emotional response. No wonder a lot of businesses are sharing a lot of posts on poverty, social issues, humanity that touches the emotions of the audiences and ends up getting a lot of blog post shares in Facebook.

11. Facebook Share Buttons and Plugins
    This is really important if you want your blog posts to get shared in Facebook. Adding Facebook share buttons, share popup windows and widgets will make it easier for your readers to share it on Facebook increasing your chances of getting your blog share on Facebook. It also generates curiosity and wanting to share with these buttons that are displayed on your blog.

12. Grow Followers but Don’t Buy
   Always make your Facebook posts interesting and engaging that will allow you to grow your followers in Facebook for your blog. But do not end up buying Facebook likes and follows as these do not get you any real followers, post engagements and clicks but only the number. So focus on quality contents to share on Facebook and let your fans grow naturally.

13. Share it on Facebook regularly
Be active on Facebook and share your posts regularly. An active member or page always gets more engagement and shares compared to an inactive one. Followers don’t trust, follow and share posts from inactive Facebook pages. But also make sure you don’t end up sharing posts on Facebook every now and then as this would end up spamming the entire newsfeed of your followers which would work negatively for your reputation.

14. Ask Questions on Your Posts
    Whenever you post your blog content on Facebook, make sure you ask questions to your Facebook which would end up getting more engagements, comments making it more visible in the Facebook world. This would increase the post visibility and the Facebook share potential.

15. Reply to Comments on Your Post
    Always reply to comments on your posts. Your Facebook post becomes more engaging when you reply to comments. This way your fans will also feel good and social about your involvement, building a good relationship plus this actually increases the post engagement and shares automatically.

16. Use Promoted Posts
   If you’re making money using your blog and have really interesting posts that would definitely attract a lot of viewers, using Promoted Posts on Facebook is actually a very good idea. Pay a certain amount to Facebook for promotion and you will get the maximum visibility to your blog post increasing a lot of Facebook shares getting increased traffic to your blog.

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