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14 Questions People From Darjeeling Are Tired of Hearing When Abroad

   There are a lot of people from the Darjeeling hills who are living, working or studying abroad and they know it really well how awkward it can get when people ask you all sorts of weird questions.
     Whenever you meet a new person abroad, and you introduce yourself and say you're from India, especially when you have a Mongolian face, there don't believe you're from India and all those ignorance give way to weird questions that people from Darjeeling living abroad are tired of hearing. Some of those common questions are:

1. So you're from India? you mean Nepal?

2. So Darjeeling is in Nepal?

3. Did your parents migrate from *insert Asian Country* to India?

4. So one of your parents are not from India?

5. Do you also speak Indian? (No idea what language is Indian)

6. You don't look Indian, you sure?

7. So Darjeeling is in West Bengal, so you are a Bengali?

8. I know you are from the Philippines. You're a Filipino right?

9. So you speak Nepali and you're not from Nepal. How can that be possible?

10. Do you have relatives in Nepal?

11. Ok Darjeeling is near China so your ancestors came from China, right?

12. Do you speak Chinese as well?

13. You eat rice and dal as well? butter chicken? not noodles?

14. India is a very hot country.Darjeeling is a cold place? how?

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