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10 Never Ending Struggles Growing Up With Strict Parents

Well we all know how a parent-child relationship can be. The battle of agreements, will and emotional conflicts that occur between both are normal. But if you grew up with parents, who are extra caring, super loving and thus really strict, then you will be able to relate to various points in this post.
    A parent always wants a better life for their children and to keep their kid free from troubles for a better future while a child growing up with a strict parents always gets the feeling of being deprived of free will giving rise to conflicts and arguments. Well, if you grew up as a child with strict parents, then these points below are something you totally can understand:
1. You can’t go out to play because you need to study

As a kid growing up with strict parents, a lot of you readers can relate how parents focus so much on studies. Taking extra tuition, coaching classes, spending evenings on the study table and not wasting any time. Going out to play with your friends isn’t an option as priority focuses on education so according to strict parents you need to stay home and study, not go out and play.

2. Academic Pressure and Expectation from Parents

   Those of you who grew up with strict parents totally can understand how much expectations your parents had when it comes to scoring high grades in your exams and tests and how much pressure academics had on you. Though we all know and understand as we grew up, why parents actually did all of that for us to have a better life and relating how parents had huge expectations when even a little drop in your grades meant your parents cutting off your benefits and allowances. How even a little fall in your academic grades meant that your parents cut down the privileges you had, whether it be the amount of tv you watched or no to computers or your cell phone being taken away.

3. You cannot go to a party because there will be alcohol

   Strict parents are always there to guard their children as much as possible and that means to guard their growing teenage child from every social influence. So that means going to a party or social gathering with friends is a complete NO-NO as there will be alcohol. Though I think it is okay for a parent to be concerned about their child’s social influences but I guess a teenager should also be allowed a little freedom so that as an adult they understand how it is to be responsible and yes, how it is to drink responsibly too.

4. You can’t drive and you can’t get a bike because you will crash it and die

Strict parents are protective and protective also that the child may get physically hurt. So a lot of strict parents don’t allow their teenage children to learn how to drive or ride and getting a motorbike is a big long dream. I know a lot of road accidents happen and allowing a newbie to drive would be very risky too. But one cannot hold the child under his arms forever so someday one has to learn how to be careful and responsible so it is okay to be protective but also a little freedom and a chance to learn, develop skills and to be responsible should be given.

5. You’re Smoking and you’re caught: Prepare yourself for the worst nightmare of your life

Smoking is bad, not only for you but for everyone around you. Strict parents always try to keep their children away from things like cigarettes so that they are less likely to develop the habit of smoking. But when a strict parent catches the teenage child smoking, then here it goes, the worst nightmare for a teenager. The parent taking full responsibility to make sure the habit is gone and a lot of lectures every day, and maybe even some good thrashing (my Indian fellows may totally relate). I see that a lot of strict parents do one thing very wrong that is taunting their children that they smoke, do drugs or they have been smoking even if they don’t which leads to the child being stressed, lonely and actually taking up smoking due to the frequent taunting.

6. You can’t go there because they offer drugs to you there
Remember whenever you told your parents you’re going somewhere or visiting a friend or going for a small day out somewhere, your parents said NO strictly and the reason would be the locality has a lot of drug addicts and you will probably end up getting drugged. And yes, also how people you hang out look like drug addicts and how you may end up being one.

7. You Need to Come Home Now!

Growing up with strict parents means you know how you have timings to reach home and you need to hurry up home quickly before your parents start calling you and freaking out you’re kidnapped. Yes, the timings depends upon how strict your parents are and some don’t even allow their teenaged children to stay out after sun set so no nightlife either. Remember how you missed calls from your parents and then they assume you’re either dead or kidnapped and freak out so much? I mean probably parents care for you and love you but sometimes your parents calling you up every hour to check whether you’re okay may not seem quite okay either.
8. You can’t buy that because money doesn’t grow on trees

That’s the favorite line every strict parents use. How readily parents are always there to spend every bit of their hard earned cash for your better life but whenever you wanted that expensive jacket or the gaming console you always wanted, your parents said the same thing. How those could impact your education and result in low grades and you not getting a job in the future and your future being ruined.
9. They Know The Best For Us

Strict parents means them taking every decision for you. I know parents wants the best for us but sometimes they fail to realize to ask or discuss stuffs about their child’s life with them. A lot of misunderstanding happen during these times when it comes to life changing decisions. Especially when parents want their kids to pursue a particular course or path on education while the kid has some other plans for future. I think it is really wrong to force a growing child to pursue an education path or a course that he doesn’t love doing. I think it is a good idea to hear out their child’s opinion and side of the story also about what they really want to do with their life and maybe discuss and support them.

10. You never grow up

Having strict parent means their kids never grow up for them and sometimes it is so literal. Parents should realize that their child is growing up as well and treat them accordingly. A 17 year old being treated as a 7 year old with so much care and strictness may land up having a worse impact with a lot of arguments, and loosening of the parent-child relationship. I know parents love their children and they are always little kids for them but one should also realize that their children are growing up and with a proper gesture should maintain a healthy relationship with them and treat as how it should be with that aged children.

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