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10 Crazy Things That Happens to Every Blogger


    Blogging is an art, which is fun, with practice and patience. But behind the scene of every blog post, there is a lot of hard work and craziness going on. There are lots of instances that keep on happening that makes every blogger go crazy, mad, angry and lot sorts of emotions coming by and by.

     If you're a blogger then you totally have to read and try to relate this as you would understand how crazy it can be for a blogger, when these things happen and you know how it feels.

1. When you suffer from writer's block. You suddenly have no idea what your next blog post would be about and you sit in front of your computer thinking what on earth are you gonna blog about now.

2. You give your heart and soul, writing a perfect blog post with a lot of research, designing and editing and then wait. Well, you suddenly are so disappointed by yourself as the blog post you worked so hard on, seems to go no where. Not that amount of views and traffic you thought it would get and then comes the situations when every blogger is disappointed.

3. When you suddenly come across thieves on the internet. Thieves who steal contents, ideas and sometimes the whole blog post from you and takes all the credit for you.

4. Then there are people in the internet who have no jobs and stay home all day surfing the internet and posting all sorts of hate comments on every blog. This actually makes every blogger feel low and bad after all the hard work you put on a blog post and then there are comments by haters trying to put you down.

5. Technical malfunction and errors on your blog and then everything is down. The not so tech expert bloggers have to face this a lot. Simple glitches in the HTML of the template and then your whole layout of your blog is in a mess and then hours and days you take to fix makes a blogger go all mad.

6. Then there are people who hate themselves so they try to becomes someone else, yes the imposter who tries to be you and represents you. Those people try to mimic bloggers by creating fake blog accounts and accounts in social media, who have no life and hate themselves so try to copy some blogger.

7. The sex freak spammers are another annoying phenomenon that happens to every blog. You wake up for a good day ahead and check your blog stats and then there it is, comments all over your blog about sex, pornography and all sorts of weird perverted things you've never even heard before.

8. You are approached by various brands and companies by email to endorse and promote their services and products and when you check what those are, you get freaked out. Yes, all sorts of weird people exist and approach bloggers.

9. When Google Adsense starts displaying inappropriate ads. Yes, I am not kidding. You have installed Google Adsense to display ads on your blog but you realize that the ads also has stuffs about single women in your neighbourhood and how you can find your life partner and get married.

10. When you're scammed. The internet is full of scams and every blogger must have gone through that one phase when they are stuck in some service they subscribed which is nothing but a scam. A scam service that helps you make money or get more traffic to your blog and make your blog popular and then you realise, you're totally scammed.

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