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The Buzz, Darjeeling: Restaurant Review

   The Buzz always has had ‘the buzz’ in Darjeeling about having great food, drinks and ambiance and an amazing place to hang out. It had been long I hadn’t visited the place so I thought of doing for a quick visit again for lunch.

      It was a visit with a group of friends. We were a large group and we got seated and ordered for our food. The place was busy, but not packed. I ordered a chicken chowmein and brownie with ice cream for dessert. Till the order arrived, I enjoyed a glass of beer. The service was a little slow and I even got the beet quite late. After waiting for quite some time, we got our order and the food was on the table. Unfortunately, my chicken chowmein was served with cutlery and after asking the wait staff at Buzz a couple of time, I finally got it. The chicken chowmein was good. I have no complains over the food but wasn’t so great either, especially with the price I paid as I know a lot of places in Darjeeling like Kunga’s Kitchen, where I would get better chowmein than that at a much cheaper price. The brownie with ice cream then arrived. The brownie was delicious and I must say the bakes at Glenary’s are always amazing but the ice cream on top was almost half melted when served on the table and that didn’t make the combination of the brownie with ice cream much pleasing.

Beer at The Buzz, Darjeeling

      Then after a few days, I thought of visit the Buzz Pub and Restaurant again for dinner. I had been craving for steaks since a long time and I knew you get one at Buzz so I headed expecting some great dinner. As I went there, I ordered a glass of beer and chicken hamburger steak, which was what mentioned in the menu. The steak came along with fries and boiled vegetable but I told the wait staff to get me more fries with it instead of the boiled vegetables. After quite some time, I got the steak on the table. The steak didn’t quite look appetizing due to its color, as the chicken steak was covered with a black sauce. As I took my first bite of the steak, I said no. The steak was really inedible for me. I am not sure about how other people prefer their steaks but that steak was something I had never had before. The black sauce was made out of soya sauce and was a little sweet too. So the chicken steak, which was cooked well had its taste all spoilt by the sauce, which tasted sweet and sour and had a heavy pungent smell of soya sauce. I have always loved steaks with sauce like mushroom sauce or pepper sauce but soya sauce was the first time and for me, it was a big no. I think the wait staff should have informed us about the sauce as well when taking the order or should have had a mention about it in the menu as I think the steak would have tasted better without the sauce. Since I had gone to Buzz hungry for dinner, I had no option other than ordering for something else. Therefore, I ordered roasted pork and asked the wait staff to avoid any kind of sauce if it comes with one. Nevertheless, the roasted pork was good.
Chicken Steak and Roasted Pork at The Buzz, Darjeeling

        The Buzz Pub in Darjeeling has an amazing ambiance so far but when it comes to food one should really be selective. I would definitely go back again for dinner or few drinks but would be really careful about the food that I ordered. So next time I visit chicken steak would be a big no. I really hope I get something really good to eat on my next visit to Buzz, Darjeeling.

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