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Four Tips for Improving Your Sex Life After 40

They tell us love conquers all, and it probably does in a dimension far far away where all women in the world have Helen of Troy’s wit and beauty and all men have Hector’s bravery. However, real life is something different. Love does matter and it does matter oh-so-much but harmonious relationships and long-lasting ones at that take a lot of energy and dedication to work.
In relationships, love and sex merge and for one to exist you need the other. However, when you spend half of your life with one person, sex may become a second-hand commodity, something you’d rather pass if your favorite cooking show is on or your NFL season is just about to start. Huge mistake! To feel close to your partner at all times and keep the fire alive both of you need to understand that sex isn’t something that “the young do” or something you should be shy about. This is your partner of many years, (s)he knows all your, to quote John Legend “curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections”, so there is nothing to be worried about.  Instead, realize sex matters at any age and do your best to bring fire back in your sheets by following these four amazing tips!

1.     Spend time together
Couples after 40

When you are with someone for a long time you forget to work on the closeness you once had. You get distracted with jobs, kids, then maybe grandkids, your private firms and whatnot. And then, at the end of the day, you want to just relax and be alone for a second. Drop this habit! Instead of just saying “hi” to your partner, sit with them on a sofa, put your feet up, pour some drinks and just lean on their shoulder. It takes so little time for the old flame to be rekindled and it all starts with that first touch. If it has been a long time since you’ve had sex, don’t just come to your partner and act as if you’ve had sex yesterday. Let your mind and body remember how it felt like being close to this person.

2.   Experiment your way in
Sexual Experiment after 40

The fact you are not in your 20s doesn’t mean you should go missionary on your sex life! Remember how crazy you two were BC (before children), and how nothing was out of reach?! Well, do it again! Kamasutra, Tantric sex or whatever used to work for you – revive it and relive it! And while you may not be as bendy as you used to be, inject a bit of excitement through sex positions that are out of ordinary for you and your partner. This will take everything to a whole another level!

3.   Costume it up!
Role play costume after 40

Again, no – this is not something only kids in their 20s do! Dressing up as a character that awakens the sexual goddess in you will give you the power to master that bedroom and enjoy every second of it! You’d think costuming up for your sex act(s) is an unusual thing, but it isn’t. Couples of virtually all ages are trying it and enjoying it – so why shouldn’t you! Pick a fancy dress costume you know will oil your wheels and go for it! Obviously, you’ll talk to your partner about this before you surprise them dressed as middle-aged Supermen/woman! It’s all about healthy approach to sex and honesty about every aspect of it.
4.   Drop pornography
Drop pornography after 40

Let’s face it – watching a porno is the easier way to an… well, end. You don’t have to cuddle and snuggle and worry whether you still remember where everything is and what he/she likes and whether you’ll be good at this age, etc. However, pornography is the worst thing for a relationship – people tend to get wound up in pornographic scenes, forgetting that’s not how real sex looks. Real sex is messy, sweaty and weird. It’s also beautiful because it’s more than just a physical act – it’s connecting to another human being entirely, especially if it’s someone you’ve loved for so long! Try to drop pornography and return to appreciating sex in all its real glory.

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