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Five Reasons Why You Should Go Visit Raj’s Spanish Café in Kolkata

    Great location, very cheap to afford, amazing food, authentic cuisine, rare dishes and one of a kind. Raj’s Spanish café is indeed one of the most under-rated cafes in Kolkata and as a foodie, everyone in Kolkata should try visiting this place and discover how awesome this place is. As a foodie and a complete friend to the city of Kolkata, I personally make a point to go grab a quick bite around the corner at Shudder Street where this food joint is located. Confused why? How? Where?  Well, let me give you reasons why you should go visit Raj’s Spanish Café right now.

1. Great Location: Raj’s Spanish Café is probably located in a great location in Kolkata, where most of the tourist love to hang out and stay. Very close to Dharamtala (Esplanade) and Park Street which can be easily accessible by metro, located in a corner at Shudder street is the Spanish Café. A lot of people who come and go around the street do not even notice the café as it is located in quite a hidden place in Shudder street but trying to discover this place isn’t a hard thing either. Shudder Street is really popular for tourists and great food joint, a Raj’s Spanish café is not to be missed when you’re at Shudder street in Kolkata.

2. Continental Food: As the name suggest, this place is a paradise for Spanish food, with Italian and Mexican food as well in the menu. It is very hard to find a restaurant or a café in Kolkata, where these cuisines are served and are cheap at the same time and Raj’s Spanish café is just the place where you need to be. Various types of Italian pastas, Mexican wraps, Spanish tortillas or varieties of continental salads, this place has some really great delicacies to cater your palate. That is not it, if you’re looking for something simple, you have various sandwiches, burgers or great combos with drinks, shakes and coffees to add on to your menu.
Spanish Cafe at Shudder Street cheap food Kolkata

3. Cheap and Affordable Price: The prices in this café in Shudder street is the cheapest as compared to any cafes in the city selling continental food. Varieties of Italian, Spanish and Mexican main courses are available in Raj’s Spanish café at prices ranging from Rs. 50 – Rs. 120, with combos of burger, fries and coke ranging from Rs. 100 – Rs. 150.

4. Desi and Bong Foodies Should Try This: I have been to this café several times and every time I go check out this place, this café in Shudder Street is filled with International tourists enjoying their meal here. I guess a lot of locals in Kolkata should try their food as well and feel the taste of International delicacies.
Italian pasta with white sauce at Kolkata very cheap in Shudder street

5. Great Place to Hangout: Not only is this place, just a great place to eat in Kolkata, but also an amazing place to hangout with friends with some great food and drinks. Raj’s Spanish Café is not so big but big enough to hold large groups of diners. There have few tables outside and the indoor is great as well. They also provide wifi facilities to their guests which is an additional bonus. 
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Anil Pradhan and Nischal Gurung

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