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Comparison of Ola Cabs Vs Uber Cabs Service

You can easily come across hundreds and hundreds of articles circulating daily on the web, advocating aggressively about the comfort, convenience, security and hell lot of other benefits of using online cab services. I mean they all make high claims and counter claims about their prompt and on time services. But have you ever tried to find the true facts behind those self- proclaimed leadership! As a consumer, I can understand the problems that you face in your daily life. I know that most of you don’t have that much time to undertake these types of additional tasks or say that we are not made to go on a secret mission like James Bond! Don’t worry; I am here to do your job. I like taking tasks like this.

Ola and Uber are the two most popular, apps based cab services in India. But the issue is that as a consumer this question is imminent to arise in your mind that which out of the two is best. Below I have tried my best to compare the services of both on various scales. Let’s find out which one is scoring better.
1.      Ola cabs were founded in 2010 whereas Uber cab services started its operations in India from Bangalore in 2013. So as compared to Ola, Uber is new for the Indian roads. Uber is a US based company-operating in many countries of the world.

2.    The main strategy of Ola lies in the fact that it provides three different kinds of cab services for different kinds of pockets. Ola provides- luxury sedans for premium segments. It also provides services in medium and mini range. It is said that Ola’s mini range is almost equivalent to the fares of autos. On the contrary, Uber plays in only two levels-one is for premium segment and the other one is Uber X Ride for lower segments. But Uber X Ride is expensive when you will compare with Ola’s lower range services.

3.     With Ola you have lot of options while making payments-even you can pay by cash whereas payment terms are entirely cashless with Uber cab services.

4.   With Ola you have lots of booking options- you can book their cab services either through website, mobile apps or through telephonic conversation whereas Uber booking options is limited only till Android and iOS devices.

5.     You can book Ola cabs in advance prior to your ride whereas Uber provides on the spot booking.

6.   There is a general perception in the market that Uber cab drivers follow specific rules and strict code of conduct while interacting with the customers, whereas Ola’s cab drivers lack such kind of courtesy and mannerisms.

7.    The entire concept, mechanism and operations of Ola cabs services are localized as it is entirely Indian whereas Uber follows global model.

So if your primary target is simply to reach your destination then under such situations Ola cabs are the best, as their drivers are very well informed about the local places- they can locate easily even some of the most difficult addresses in India. On the other hand if your priority is good and enjoyable experience- smooth talking drivers then you can go with Uber cabs. They will make you feel like king!

They both are good and great in their own way- they care enough about their customers’ needs. They both have a great reputation in the market. Now it’s up to you- which one you want to choose depending upon your preferences and taste.  

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