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Behind The Character: Deborah Lane, Frankly Twisted by Kevin Eleven

   Behind The Character:

   I knew from the start that this female detective was going to be tough as nails with an even greater tinge of ambition and heart. I must say at first, I was unsure about having her be one of the major characters in both Tales of the 23RD Precinct and frankly TWISTED, but nonetheless, I knew that I had to write about her being strong, skilled and persistent due to the possibility of coming across female book readers that would most certainly have craving for a female character to love and be proud of. The woman I had to create needed to be confident, diligent and intelligent enough to hang with the boys and I am sure that Deborah Lane embodies all of those things and more.

   After having a very good showing in Tales of the 23RD Precinct, a reader of mine told me personally that she wanted me to provide more of a backstory on this detective. This fan of detective Lane wanted to know her inner thoughts and perspective on working inside of a precinct predominantly outnumbered by men. To this day, Deborah Lane remains one of my proudest creations. If anything, she also challenged me to tap into my feminine side and see things as best as I could from a woman’s perspective. Without question, by the time it is all said and done she will go down as a legend within the 23rd precinct.

Post by the author of Frankly Twisted, The Lost Files: Kevin Eleven

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