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5 Reasons Why A Lots Of Men Avoid Using Condoms

While it’s a mere fact that safety in bed is a must, there are a lot of guys who try to slip away from using condoms and prefer having unsafe sex. Why? There may be a lot of logical as well as ridiculous reasons why there are men who think it is okay not to use condoms while they are sexually intimate with someone.

    Below are the common excuses and reasons men give for not wearing a condom while having sex:

1. No Condoms, Take Contraceptive Pills
     A lot of men forget that condoms are not only worn to avoid pregnancy but also to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Contraceptive pills may have a woman avoid being pregnant but the risk of getting various STDs are high when having unsafe sex. Whether it is ignorance or mere carelessness, avoiding using condoms and replacing it with contraceptive pills, especially if you’re having a casual sex, is a complete No.

2. No Condoms Because Shy to Buy One
    Not every man has the guts to walk into a crowded pharmacy and ask for a box of condoms or hand over a packet of condoms to the cashier at the departmental store, especially when there are a lot of eyes rolling at you. Though there is nothing wrong with buying condoms in public, it is a natural tendency to feel shy or embarrassed and a lot of guys actually give this reason to not use condoms as they don’t have any due to the fear of buying one. Though the good news is, if you’re a guy who is actually shy and embarrassed to go and buy condoms from a shop, you can easily order condoms online, for instance at CondomBazaar where you can get the condom of your choice ordered and delivered at your home, letting you avoid the embarrassment of buying one from a pharmacy.

3. Sex With Condom Doesn’t Feel Real
    So another reason for men avoiding using condoms is that wearing a condom while having sex doesn’t feel as good as without a condom. How about contracting AIDS or dealing with herpes for the rest of your life, does that feel good?
     Using a condom, one can actually have sex in peace without having to worry about getting someone pregnant or having caught some weird STD. For those people who actually worry about the pleasure of sex with condoms, get informed with reality. Condoms today comes in various shapes, sizes and textures that can actually make sex even better than having it without a condom. There are a lot of condom brands that assure you to give the same feeling as sex without a condom and some even enhanced sexual pleasure with arousal enhanced condoms.

4. Smell of Condoms are a Turn Off
    Many may actually make this stupid reason for not wearing a condom during sex. Well, yes there was a time when the smell from a condom used to be a complete turn off but times has changed. There are so many condoms that comes in various flavors and fragnance so now you get to choose what flavor and smell that turns you on and use the condom that you like. This one is simple and this excuse for not using a condom is absurd.

5. No Condoms Because I am Tested
    By using a condom, it gives sexual protection to both the partners and giving a stupid reason saying you’re tested or do not have STD is ridiculous. Especially if you’re having casual sex, you cannot trust anyone and just go condomless, knowing you’re tested or your partner is tested. Using a condom, is not a way of just preventing contamination with STD but actually drawing a safe line from it.

     So, if you’re one of those guys who have been avoiding using condoms, stop right there. Go grab a box of condoms or order it online. Safety first. Use a Condom and Be Safe.


  1. I think its very COOL to Use CONDOMS CORRECTLY,Either for CASUAL SEX or IN a RELATIONSHIP

  2. I think condoms are pretty cool as they protect us from a lot of things. Use manforce condoms and you will use it again and again


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