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10 Signs You’re Totally a TAURUS

These are the signs for folks who are born between 20th April and 20th May who falls under the Taurus zodiac sign.

1. You love to enjoy the finer stuff in life
Taurus personalities are the one who are ready to pay a little extra so that they can enjoy finer things in life. Yes, they want a little more luxury, whether it be going out for a great dinner or a vacation or to decorate their house to make it a little better. Everyone wants a better life but Taurus really do.

2. Taurus can be a little more materialistic
   People who are born under the Taurus sun sign give extra attention to materialistic goods and they really value them. And yes, if they don’t get them, they could be a little more resentful about it.

3. Extra Stubbornness is always there
    As stubborn as a bull, truly said because Taurus personalities can be a little stubborn and it is really hard to convince one that they can’t do something because they will make sure they do it. But this tends to be a strong characteristic of a Taurus too as they end up really dependable and persistent.

4. Being Possessive when it comes to relationships
   You tend to be really attentive to the people who are close to you and with the mix of stubbornness, be a little territorial and possessive about it too.

5. Not good at taking huge risks
   Taurus are really practical and don’t believe in taking huge risks. They are not likely to risk things in life hoping for some fun and adventure. A Taurus always love things nice and slow rather than taking it fast with huge risks.

6. You criticize yourself
You’ve got huge expectation from yourself with goals and ambition and you are your own judge in this. It is important for you to be reliable and to work hard and you have high expectations from yourself.
7. You’re Independent
With being practical, stubborn and possessive, you’re always independent. You believe you can take care of yourself and you’re right about it most of the time on that one. You’re good when it comes to handling money and spending time alone.

8. Occasional Drama is your Thing
   Though Taurus are practical as well as stubborn, sometimes too much of emotion and frustration can cause an outburst leading to some really big occasional drama with extreme stubbornness and you’re always not good with dealing with all those emotions.

9. You know Generosity
 Even if Taurus are stubborn and practical, they love finer things in life which includes sharing. There are really helpful and generous and love sharing money and things with friends and people whom they care about.

10. You have this weird curiosity to touch things
   I know this is a very weird characteristic of a Taurus but you all love touching things out of curiosity and eagerness. Even if it is a products at a mall that is forbidden for anyone to touch, you just want to try it.

Any more characteristics of a Taurus you know? Do comment it below on the comment box.

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