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The Ultimate Ugly Sweater: Cat Butt Flavored Ice Cream

Jon Wye Clothing Company Is Turning To For Your Help To Fund Their USA Made Project

Washington, D.C. – 8/6/15 – Jon Wye Clothing Company announces their Kickstarter campaign of The Ultimate Ugly Sweater to launch July 9th. This sweater dons one of their most divisive designs, which is the humorous image of a cat licking its butt while thinking of ice cream.

           Founder and owner, Jon Wye, has been in business for 11 years (est. 2004), building a successful indie apparel line with a ‘Made in the USA’ focus, and with no outside investment. Even with the support of a loyal fan base their $12,000 goal seems daunting. They have turned to Kickstarter and the power of the internet to make this sweater dream a reality.

           The Jon Wye Company is most known for their graphic leather belts and has been producing graphic t-shirts since the company’s inception with the hope of maintaining a foothold in the apparel market. The time to enter the apparel market is now.  “We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first cat butt sweater,” says Wye.
Wye’s designer, Dyanne Marte, an industry veteran states, “We have gone through a few rounds of samples during the development stage and we really wanted to fine tune the fit and the quality so it’s just right for our customer.” The sweater is made of cotton, viscose and a little bit of silk. “It definitely has a luxury feel to it,” states Marte. Due to the quality of the knit, there won’t be any issues with pilling or shrinkage and it is machine washable. A jacquard knitting technique was used to make this sweater and the design of the cat butt is actually knitted into the sweater. This is not a simple embellishment on an existing product.

  works on an “all-or-nothing” policy. Jon Wye Clothing Company must reach their goal of at least $12,000 in 30 days in order to receive any funds. If their first funding goal is reached a men’s/unisex sweater will be produced. If they reach their second goal of $24,000 they will produce a women's fashion cut as well. Check out their project at and track their progress by following them on Twitter/Instagram (@jonwye) and Facebook. Every dollar will help fund your hopes of winning the next ugly sweater competition.

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