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The Summer Vacation Style Guide

It’s finally that time of year when you can say goodbye to your office walls, pack your things and head for the gorgeous summer experiences!
To make your vacation and enjoyable as possible you need to think light, chill and positive. Packing of billions of suitcases for the holiday is definitely out of question! You want to bring the essentials, focus on enjoying your holiday adventure and still look fabulous!
Here’s a guide into your travel summer lovin’ essentials. Read and learn!

1.    Maxi dress delight

Summer is all about breathable, comfortable clothing. Don’t associate these features with “ugly” or “cheap”, no way! Clothes don’t have to be fitted and uncomfortable to look fierce on you, on the contrary.
Your summer vacation style simply cannot go without an eternally chic maxi dress. A maxi is a worthwhile option to have on hand during your summer escapades simply because it’s comfortable, stylish, flattering, and so easy to dress up or down depending on the accessories you pair it up with. You may also opt for an imitation of a maxi dress - a maxi skirt paired with a t-shirt, silk blouse or camisole – it’ll still look amazing.
Plus, maxi dresses have been an absolute hit and designers favorite for a few past summer seasons and by the looks of it – they aren’t going anywhere for some time. So, don’t worry about not being trendy!

2.    Sandal heaven

Sandals are an obvious choice for the summer, naturally. And while I understand the need to opt for high-heel sandal moment, this summer trends mostly revolve around comfort with excitement on top. Flats are more popular than ever, so use it and give your spine a little break. Plus, you are on holiday – you should feel relaxed above everything.
Bring excitement into your footwear through sparkly sandals, gladiators, (knee-gladiators are super popular this season), strippy sandals in bold colors and ballerina shoes with fun patterns!

3.     Accessorize pleasure

Nothing screams style so loud as well paired up clothes and accessorize! This summer will be all about the explosion of colors and patterns and unusual accessorize. Depending on how long you are staying on your vacation, consider bringing some of our favorite chic accessories – a Lennon pair of sunnies, pair of big shades, retro hair band and clutches with interesting pattern/design.  As for jewelry, the trend of multiple rings and neck-to-belly button-necklaces still lives! Young fashion icons like Kylie Jenner sport this style very successfully, and we have to admit – it’s perfect for the young!
 Forget all about bringing a hair straightner and curling iron to your vacay! Let your hair loose and enjoy your lush curls!

4.    Lace and cape joy

Your summer vacation simply cannot go with a few lace dresses and couple of capes. Lace dresses are the easiest thing to wear in the summer, they are easy to pack and will look great for either a beach outing or a fancy lunch afterwards. As for capes, they are a great substitute for jackets and they look absolutely fabulous, especially if bought in a flowy fabric. The cape can be your fashion AS – a simple, one-color maxi dress styled up with cape as a cover-up in a crazy bold pattern will turn heads!
Enjoy your summer, dolls and – say fabulous, whether chilling in your hometown or on vacation!

- Guest Post by Peter Minkoff


  1. Nischal I like Maxi dress, as I 'm going to visit Maldives, planned by holidayhops. Can you give me reference, where i can buy this-one...

    1. The details to the dress is here check


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