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The Reality Story of Being Controlled and Stalked by the Social Media and the Internet

    It is early in the morning and I go out for a run to the park and as I check my phone, the FourSquare app asks me, if I want to update and share to the Internet world, that I am currently at the park. As I sit on the park bench and grab some water to drink, I check my phone again and my Facebook homepage asks me, what am I doing right now? I have a life but I am completely controlled and stalked by the social media who wants to know every move I make. This is the reality of today’s major population, totally controlled and stalked by the virtual world of social media.

      So I go out to a café to grab some breakfast, I am compelled to take a picture of the food I am about to eat and upload that in Instagram. Is it really necessary I share the world what I am actually eating right now? Well, duh! It is important for the whole world to know that currently I am at this café eating this chocolate pan cake.
     While I have my breakfast all alone at the restaurant, I am busy sending messages to my friends in Whatsapp sharing pictures and videos. Wow! How technology has advanced that I don’t need to meet any of my friends as they are readily available within a touch of the mobile phone screen and so I am eating my breakfast all alone in the café and don’t need friends. Yes, I don’t need friends because I am addicted to social media where the apps in my phone and websites in the Internet controls me and my movements.

     After a great breakfast, I would normally want to talk to my friends about how lovely the breakfast was and how good the service was in the café but no, the social media controls me so I am going to login to my TripAdvisor app and write a review about how amazing the  service and the food in the café. Why would I want to talk to anyone about it when in a click I can talk to the whole world about my experience and yes I definitely do that and the whole world listens. But I don’t get a response about it, a reaction by a human in front on me. I don’t feel human but just a little toy of the virtual world.

     Grabbing some breakfast, I have to go visit the courier service office where I have to pick up some stuffs and I actually don’t know the exact way to reach there. As a human, I would just walk by the street, smile at some stranger and may be just ask someone for help to locate me to the address. However, I am controlled by the Internet, so no asking to anyone, no talking to anyone or even smiling and just keeping my head focused on my phone, I open up Google Maps and turn on my GPS navigation and navigate the address with my eyes completely focused on the way and my GPS enabled phone.

    As I reach the office, I check my courier docket number on my phone using the courier service’s website, confirm it and get my stuffs. Well, the stuffs I got, which was basically some products I ordered online was great. Who needs to go tour the shopping mart or hit the mall when I can easily shop anything and everything of my choice, at the comfort of my own room using various online shopping sites.

    As I reach home, I lie down on the sofa to get some rest and as a normal person, I would pick up the newspaper and read the news for today. But again who does that? I can get the ePaper of any newspaper readily on my phone, my tablet or laptop so why not that. Or maybe just open up an Internet news website and read whatever I want to. Oh well, the news is full of reports about crimes and corrupt politicians so why not talk about it with the virtual world so let me log in to Twitter and tweet about it and see how many people favorites it and how many retweets I get. Oh yes, I am speaking about what’s wrong with the world and I am having an interaction in Twitter.

        Okay after reading some newspaper, let me do some socializing. Let me catch up with all my friends and their lives and no, I am not talking about going to meet them for a cup of coffee but log in to Facebook and check their status updates and photos and like them and comment in them. Oh I am having fun and that thing is really funny so let me LOL LOL LOL even when I haven’t stretched a single muscle on my face to laugh. Oh yes I have a life and I have 985 friends in Facebook and that’s WOW.

      Time for some lunch and I am lazy to cook so let me order some pizza. I again log in to and order my favorite pizza and oh yes has some great promotional coupon codes to use and I get a discount. So, I ordered my pizza and within 30 minutes, I get it and eat it all.

     A slow weekend at home and I want some entertainment so why not download some good music from iTunes or better let me go to YouTube and check some cool music videos. Oh okay that video looks interesting about some guy falling into the pit and that’s funny and I spend two hours watching funny videos and laughing alone and somehow land up in a page about how to talk to a giraffe. Well, it is amazing how entertaining and creative my life is with the Internet.

     Time passes by so quickly when you’re enjoying and it is already sun set. Let me go to the kitchen and cook something for dinner. However, I am not a good cook so let me check those great recipes online and cook some great dishes. After spending an hour cooking, I finally did it so now I am going to update a status about me cooking fried chicken at home, because in this virtual world controlled and stalked by the social media and internet, it is really important to let people know that you are cooking fried chicken at home and I am feeling awesome. Dang! I have 24 likes in my status update in 30 minutes. Wow! I am so popular and I have such a great life.

    Wait a minute, I need to take a picture of what I am eating and then upload it in Instagram and tag it with #Food #FoodPorn #Chicken #FriedChicken #Foodgasm #Delicious because hello !! I am a cool person and I should definitely do that. Wow! 17 new followers in Instagram. My life is getting so much better.

      Since I am done with my dinner as well, let me do some reading and I am really excited about reading this new mystery novel which my Facebook friend recommended me to read so I am going to turn on my iPad and read the eBook because I live in the 21st century and paperback is for lame people. After reading it for a while, I turn on my laptop again and do some creative games playing. Yes, Candy Crush is my thing, where I am going succeed and rise up to the levels and send random candy crush and game requests to all my Facebook friends no matter they play it or not.

    So after spending another hour doing that, it is already midnight and time to sleep and turn off my virtual life so I shut down my laptop and go to bed where I spend another one hour, playing with my phone, checking up all the social media apps I have until I just fall asleep, with the phone in my hand, completely chained to the virtual life of the Internet and social media, where it is them who controls my life, not me.

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