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Starting Over Again VS Maybe This Time: Similarity, Difference or Copy?

Starting Over Again is a Filipino romantic comedy movie featuring Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual which was released in February 2014 while Maybe This Time is another romantic comedy film from the Philippines featuring Sarah Jerenimo and Coco Martin released in May 2014.

     Well, the name of both the movies give you a hint about what the movie is actually about and both the movie’s name basically hint to the same type of storyline. Starting Over Again basically means to start over a relationship that was broken off before and Maybe This Time too hints, maybe this time the relationship would work which didn’t earlier. Both these movie are box office hit movies in the Philippines which did really well in the country as well as internationally. On my personal opinion, both the movies were entertaining and nice but the story like was just too same. Co-incident? Maybe or maybe not. There are so many similarities in the movies though there are difference as well so let me brief each thing now.

The Similarities between Starting Over Again and Maybe This Time
·      Both the movies is the story about a couple breaking up and meeting up after years and starting over again with the relationship.
·      In Starting Over Again, Toni Gonzaga leaves the guy and flies off to Spain and that’s how they break up while in Maybe This Time, Coco Martin leaves the girl and leaves to Italy and they break up.
·      In both the movies, the couple suddenly comes across each other after years and then they get to work together and then comes the past and complications.
·      Both the stories didn’t have a clean breakup where one just left with the other just hanging.
·      In these two films, one leaves for Europe while the other is still left in the Philippines.
·      Both the story lines, has the boy starting up a business, actually the same type of business, restaurant in Starting Over Again and bar in Maybe This Time and the girl getting involved in it.
·      In both of the movies, there is a third girl. The guy finds another girl in both the movies and so when he meets his ex-girlfriend, he already has a new girlfriend.

Now, though both these movies, Starting Over Again and Maybe This Time did have a lot of similarities, they did have their share of difference which made their storyline a little bit different. Well, the difference between these movies are:

·      In Starting Over Again, after Toni leaves for Spain, Piolo moves to USA. In Maybe This Time, after Coco Martin just vanishes and moves off to Italy, Sarah is still stranded in the Philippines even till they meet again.
·      The new girlfriend in Starting Over Again is really nice and a positive character while the girlfriend in Maybe This Time is a mean bitch, who also happened to be Sarah’s boss and is totally not someone for Coco’s match.

·      In Starting Over Again, even after they start, and give it a try, it doesn’t work out and Piolo, in the end, gets married to his girlfriend while Toni is still single and maybe will meet another man. In Maybe This Time, the story ends with a happy ending, so maybe this time it did really work, resulting in Coco dumping his girlfriend and getting back with Sarah.

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