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Severus Snape Spotted in Bollywood at IIFA Award 2015

      So IIFA Award happened a month ago and will be having its telecast tonight on TV in India. So after a lot of Bollywood celebrities at the IIFA awards, some people were surprised to see Professor Severus Snape at the award show but after a proper look, it was a Severus Snape look alike in Bollywood and it was none other than actor Kay Kay Menon.
       So take a look at Kay Kay Menon how he looked like about three years ago in 2012.
source: iDiva
   And this is what he looks like right now.
Aaaaand this is what he looks like now.
Source: IIFA

Yes, this is Kay Kay Menon at the IIFA awards with a very new look and doesn't he really look like Severus Snape?

  But for you to be sure about this Severus Snape look alike Doppelganger from Bollywood, here is a comparison between Snape and Kay Kay Menon.

What. About. Now.
Source: IIFA/ Warner Bros

     This must be the magic of Polyjuice potion from the Half-Blood Prince. And guess what? Kay Kay Menon got an award at the IIFA for the 'Best Performance in a Negative Role.'
BTW, that award in his hand? He won it for giving Bollywood's "Best Performance in a Negative Role".
Source: IIFA

   Remember, who actually gave the best performance in a negative role even while he was a good guy? Severus Snape.

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