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Reached and Crossed 100000 Views in My Blog


   Blogging has been an amazing experience. Using the power vested by modern technology and the Internet, a blogger has the ability to reach out to an infinite number of audience and being a part of this experience, has been lovely.
     Writing has always been a great passion for me and taking ahead this passion, blogging has been just the right tool for me to express myself and reach out to people.
      Patience, hard work, research and a lot of socializing all these months and today, my blog Blaber Blogger just crossed 100000 views. Well, this certainly makes me really glad for how many people I have reach out. This certainly is a big milestone for me and with a lot of more hard work and dedication, I aim to cross more milestones like this. So taking a moment to thank all my viewers and followers who have appreciated and encouraged me for whatever I do in my blog.

I made a collection of links for bloggers, that would definitely help them in blogging and increasing readership so do check them out:

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