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How To Find Brands and Sponsored Post For Bloggers to Work With: Six Easy Ways

    Blogging is fun, creative and great to voice your ideas and opinion to the world. If you've been blogging since a while and your think that it is finally time to work with great brands and PR companies to post blogs and make some money too, it may be a difficult task to find sponsored posts for your blog.
     A lot of bloggers have a large audience, perfect ideas and a great platform and long to work with brands for their blog, but the question is, how?
     As a blogger, here are few tips and ways  for how to find great sponsored posts to work with and get hired by brands and companies.

1. Use Twitter as a Tool
    A lot of bloggers fail to realize how powerful a tool can twitter be. Twitter can help a blogger in many ways and if a blogger is looking for brands and companies to work with, Twitter is a major tool. Whether you're a fashion blogger, tech blogger or an entertainment blogger, a lot of companies are looking for bloggers and tweeting tweets about various blogger requirements in Twitter and all you need to do is find them and contact. 
    Use hashtags and search for hashtags like #BloggersWanted, #BloggersRequired and #PRRequest in Twitter and you will come across a lot of PR companies and brands looking for bloggers and all you need to do is contact them. There are also various blogger's community twitter accounts that connect bloggers and brands so a blogger can follow such accounts as well. You need to be really creative and clever using various keywords and then search in Twitter and you'll definitely find a lot of potential brands to work with who looking for amazing bloggers to join their campaign. Try reading 8 Powerful Ways to Use Twitter as a Tool For Blogging

2. Add a Contact Us Page in Your Blog
    Since a lot of people may come visit your blog, there may be a lot of companies who are organizing bloggers campaign and would be interested to ask you to join as well. But in order for them to ask you, they need to find a way to contact you and hence, a good contact page, where all the details on how one can contact you should be available which is really essential.

3. Join Izea
   Izea, also known as PayPerPost is a great site for bloggers that helps you to connect to PR, companies, brands, authors and advertisers who are looking for bloggers  to work with. This could be a sponsored post, a review or a guest blog and you'll be paid for it. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Get Sponsored by Big Brands

4. Use Sverve
     If you're an influencer, who has a blog and a great social media following, Sverve can help you a lot to connect to a lot of people who may need your help and will pay you. Like Izea, Sverve is another site, which connects a blogger to a large number of big brands and PR companies who launch blogger's campaigns you can participate in and earn some extra cash as well blogging. Not only you can be an influencer as a blogger, but also if you are a Vlogger, youtuber or have great Twitter followings.

5. Boost Insider
   Boost Insider is a great tool to boost your blog post and earn some great cash. You can be an influencer in Boost Insider and earn money using your social network. It also helps you find a lot of campaigns, where you can use your blog and social network to make money. You can also find a lot of advertisers who are willing to pay you to advertise on your blog, referrals you can refer from your blog and social network and get paid for it. It is a great site if you have a good blog and social network followings. SIGN UP HERE

6. Advertise and Find in Instagram
     Instagram can be one big tool for a blogger if you know how to use it right. Especially if you're a fashion blogger or a photo blogger, use Instagram to display you works to people and use a lot of hashtags to get exposure. There are a lot of brands and companies looking for bloggers in Instagram and if you have it on you, then blogger, you're hired. Use hashtags describing your blogs and photos to attract brands and companies. Follow big brands and try to keep touch. Search for popular hashtags like #BloggersWanted, #BBloggers. #LBloggers, etc and check out various campaigns brands launch and contact.

7. BlogMint for Indian Bloggers
    BlogMint has been growing rapidly amongt the Indian blogosphere. It is a perfect site for a blogger to join and connect to a lot of companies and brands who are looking for bloggers to work with in India. All you need is to sign up in BlogMint and a lot of blogger's campaign will keep on flying to you, all you need to do is choose what fits the best for you and apply.

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