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Ariana Grande Licking Donuts is The News Headlines: How About Media Starting to Report Crimes and People Dying Now?

     So its all over the internet now. Ariana Grande sneaks into a donut shop, licks donuts that's not hers, licks her boyfriend and say she hates America. Then that gets recorded in a video and it is viral all over the Internet. People are sharing and talking about it, news channels, entertainment blogs, social media, everyone is talking about Ariana Grande and how she licks donuts.

     WOW! and then somewhere in the world, a woman is raped and she is crying for help, asking someone to listen to her but there is no one listening. Kids are starving, diseases are breaking out, politicians are corrupting nations and the headline become some pop star called Ariana Grande licking donuts. This is absolutely amazing.

     The work of a reporter is to report what is true and what people should be shown but its full on business and gossips like this catch a lot of attention so why not flood the media with Ariana Grande. It was really sad to see something I personally experienced few days ago, where in my town, there was a landslide killing more than 30 people, with so many people injured and missing and there was barely anyone to report the news until few days which was also very low as to what it really deserves. The media didn't cover the story of the lives of people lost and their families. And this happens everywhere.

      An actress has a pimple that appears in her face and that becomes news while various crimes, social issues and incidents are not given preference. I am not saying for this instance, that Ariana Grande's donuts licking case shouldn't be covered by the media, as I know that an entertainment media would love to show as thousands of fans would be interested to see and would create a buzz and yes, profit for the media who is reporting. But the focus is on priority and importance. 

     The media cannot avoid severe issues and news and focus on such news which doesn't even matter. People live their lives, make mistakes and sometimes do crazy stuffs and if it is a celebrity, even single move is in a watch and doing a little different from what you call 'normal' is reported. An actress wearing the same dress as another is news, two celebrities of different sex are seen walking and that becomes news but a little kid crying because he lost his father in an attack is barely covered and that's what is media priority.

     There are cases of crimes, disasters and incidents people barely know even if its of utmost importance because the media did not cover it because there was some celebrity scoop going on at the same time so priority was given in cover that celebrity story and hence the story of dying lives are unheard and the case fades away. I hope one day soon media realized on reporting news, that are actually news and not Ariana Grande licking donuts being the breaking news headlines.

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