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8 Powerful Ways to Use Twitter as a Tool for Blogging

   We all know that Twitter is an amazing tool for every blogger who writes various blog posts on their blogs, and has been an excellent platform for blog promotion. But that's not just what's everything about Twitter. For a blogger, twitter can be a powerful tool for blogging in so many different ways, whether it be blog promotion, socializing with other bloggers, guest blogging, ideas for blogging and many more. Let me show you ways 8 unique ways how twitter is an amazing tool for blogging.

1. Blog Promotion: Don't underestimate the power of the 140 characters in a tweet for you can share a blog post to thousands of potential viewers using this powerful tool in Twitter. Make it a point to grow a strong Twitter following and occasionally post tweets about your blog posts with links. Make sure you don't just spam your twitter account with your blog links but provide quality tweets and also useful information redirected by a link to your blog. Also use various titles related to your blog post in various ways as tweets which is catchy and has the necessary keywords.

2. Blogging Ideas: When you're out of ideas on what to blog about, Twitter comes in handy giving you topics on what to blog about. Check out the trending topics in Twitter and write a blog about it and share it in Twitter. Even use appropriate hashtags in your tweet to gain more visibility. This would enable your tweet about your blog post be visible to more twitter users and gain more retweets getting your blogs an increased exposure. You may read: 26 Unique and Amazing Blogging Ideas

3. Socializing and Building a Blogging Community: There are thousands of bloggers in the blogosphere that use twitter as a powerful tool for their blog. Find bloggers in your niche in twitter and follow them. Get ideas from them, tweet them and built a blogging community in Twitter. This way your well being and goodwill is build and your blog would definitely get more publicity. This would also enable you to interact with other bloggers via twitter and help you grow and learn as a blogger.

4. Guest Blogging and Posting: Looking for a guest blogger to blog for your blog? There are plenty of bloggers who are looking to guest post in various blogs in twitter and you can easily find them. You can even search them in twitter using appropriate keywords and hashtags like #GuestBlogger, #BloggersWanted, #BloggersForGuestPost,etc. You would also get great blogs that are really popular who are looking for guest bloggers and this could be a great chance to guest blog for a popular blog and gain more visibility and backlinks.

5. Publicity of your Blog: There are various ways you can publicize your blog and twitter comes in great help regarding this. There are bloggers tweeting about bloggers whom they want to feature in their blogs, or a blogger interview so you can search for tweets like that and contact the blogger and take a step forward to built a great goodwill in the blogosphere.

6. Public Relations: There are various companies in Twitter tweeting about looking for bloggers who could help them review their products and services. You could even get a lot of free samples of various products to review and this could be a great chance for you to experience more from the blogging experience with twitter.

7. Earn Money from your Blog: If you want to earn some extra cash from your blog, excluding advertising and affiliate marketing, then twitter could also help you earn money from your blog. There are various companies, PR professionals and press release firms looking for bloggers who would blog or review about various things they want and would also pay up for that. You can also find various advertisers looking for publishers like a blogger where they could advertise and you could make some extra cash from your advertising space in your blog directly without having to deal with any third party like Google Adsense.

8. Bloggers Events and Meets: Various bloggers event and bloggers meet keep on happening in various cities and towns and people use twitter a lot of announce about those events. Twitter comes in handy to find and contact various blogging communities and take part in such events.


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