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8 Major Misconceptions about Living in Oman

As expat who was going to move to Oman for work, I did Google various articles online and talked to people about how life was in Oman and how would be the experience of living in Oman. Well, from everything I had read and heard and even guessed, there were so many misconceptions I got that only got cleared once I actually started living in Oman and experiencing the life in the country.
     This post is going to be a discussion about various misconceptions and myths about living in Oman and the real truth for how life is as an expat living in the country. E eight major misconceptions about life in Oman are:

1.  Oman is a Muslim Country and There is No Place For Your Religion
   Yes, Oman is a Muslim country but the Omanis and the country as a whole, respects your religion and beliefs. As a human, we ought to respect each other’s religious thoughts and beliefs so it is what is expected from you as an expat living in Oman. Respect the people and their religious beliefs around and that’s all what is expected. Oman has a huge expat population with people from various countries, communities and religious background living together in a single country and you are free to follow your religious beliefs. There is a myth that there is no place of worship other than for Muslims but yes, there are churches for Christians and temples for Hindus and various other religious groups. Omanis are very much welcoming and respectful and not only do they celebrate Islamic festivals but the whole country comes to light in the Hindu festival of Diwali or every shops, restaurants, malls and houses  come up with celebration for Christmas. Yes, it is time to break that myth if you have one before you move to Oman about religious belief.

2.  Oman is all about hot climate and deserts
   Yes, the Middle East region itself is a hot place and is full of deserts but that is not what Oman is all about. There are vast stretches of desert in Oman but it also has beautiful and varied landscapes and land-forms from deserts to hills and mountains to beaches, islands, caves and wadis. For instance, if you’re moving to the capital city of Muscat, it is a coastal city with a lot of beautiful beaches and the entire city is surrounded by beautiful rocky hills and the real desert lies quite a distance from Muscat.  So, yes that’s quite a misconception that expats, tourists and travelers have that Oman is just full of deserts.

3. There is no Alcohol available in Oman
This is another common misconception that every expat moving to Oman has and that always seems to be a concerning one. Well, let me break it down to you that this is a myth and yes there is alcohol available in Oman. Though there are certain rules to be followed about drinking. One needs  to have a liquor license in order to buy alcohol from an alcohol shop which one can apply for. Even if you don’t have a license, there are tons of places where you can go and have a drink. There are plenty of hotels, pubs, bars and nightclubs that serves alcohol whether be it wines, cocktails, spirits or beers. Though one needs to be respectful and not cause any kind of problem in a drunken state. Also to be noted that consumption of alcohol and its sale is also not permitted during the Holy month of Ramadan. Other than that getting alcohol and having a drink isn’t a problem is Oman.

4. Oman is Under-Developed and One can’t have a great life
   This one is a complete misconception and Oman indeed is a great place which is fully developed with cities growing up to be megacities in the future. Yes, for instance, the city of Muscat, may not be a big and high life like as Dubai, but there is everything that as city needs, like big shopping malls with every lavish brands available, well-connected roadways and amazing transport, amazing places to eat out with tons of restaurants and café serving food from various local and international cuisines, major banking facilities, construction works and major tourists gateways whether it be beaches, adventurous sports, resorts and spas, etc. It is a great place for tourists with tons of tourists visiting Oman every year and has a huge expat population living in the country with a very high standard lifestyle.

5. You Need to Know Arabic in order to Survive in Oman
   Arabic is the major language that is spoken in Oman by most local Omanis and expats from Arabic nations but the major language that is actually used by everyone is English. There is a high percentage of expat population in Oman so English is the most commonly use language everywhere whether be at work or around places. Major offices, work places, shopping malls, restaurants, customer service sectors, etc have a lot of expats working so English is the major language used. Plus most of the local Omanis speak English fluently so not knowing Arabic isn’t going to be a problem. Though, learning a language is always an advantage and working in a cosmopolitan, if you get an opportunity to learn and pick up Arabic or any other language then that could always be useful.
6. It is hard to adjust with Omanis
   As per my personal experience, Omanis are by far one of the friendliest people I have ever met. The local people of Oman are very much welcoming to everyone which includes the expats living in the country. One gets used to working and living with people from various cultures and the Omanis are indeed very friendly and respectful as a culture and living in Oman makes it really comfortable for anyone who comes from a different part of the world.

7. Getting a good Internet connection and Data Network in Difficult in Oman
    Prior to moving to Oman, I did hear and read about how hard it is to get a good internet connection and data network in Oman but as soon as I reached Oman, this myths was completely busted. Even as soon as you land in Muscat airport, you could easily get a SIM card for your phone, providing them a copy of your passport at the airport itself and instantly you would be able to use mobile phone network with hi-speed internet connection. There are various mobile phone networks like OoRedOo (former Nawras) and OmanTel that are major networks that provides great 3G and 4G network. One can easily have access to the Internet by getting a broadband connection at home or installing a wi-fi router which is available from both OoRedOo and OmanTel easily. Most expats actually have wifi routers installed at home, which is readily available in stores placed in various major locations and malls. Most work places, malls, restaurants and cafes have wifi facilities as well where one can browse the Internet easily and comfortably at hi-speed. So, yes this is another misconception about Internet connection in Oman.

8. Oman is a boring city with nothing to see

There goes another major misconception. Oman is a really fun place and if you have the lust for traveling and exploring places, Oman is the perfect destination. There are so many adventurous stuff you could get involved whether be it swimming, diving, snorkeling, bird watching, fishing, hiking, trekking, cave exploring, sand bashing or just taking long drives. There are various parks, beaches and walk ways for a relaxing time in solitude. And if you’re looking for some great fun with friends, there are plenty of restaurants and clubs you could go out and socialize. Various events and parties happen in major location every now and then and maybe you could even join a club or a group based on things you are interested in. So no, Oman isn’t a boring place and that is a total misconception about living in Oman. 
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