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8 Incredible Reasons Why Winters in Kolkata is Totally Awesome

Kolkata may be hot, humid and unbearable in the summers, and if you are a native from a cold region, summers in Kolkata may seem like the most painful experience but as November approaches Kolkata suddenly turns awesome.

      If you want to spend some time in the city of joy, make sure you plan your trip to Kolkata in the winters when the whole city transforms into a great weather paradise. You wanna know why winters in Kolkata is awesome? Let me give you eight reasons why Kolkata winters is just amazing.

1. After a hot and humid summer and the heavy rain monsoon, Kolkata’s climate becomes great, with the temperature dropping suddenly and moving around the city, taking walks and living as a whole becoming so comfortable and relaxing.

2. Winters in Kolkata is cold, but it is not as cold as the Delhi winter cold or not like the winters in Southern India where winters mean moderate weather and sun is still shinning bright. Kolkata gets cold, and you can snuggle into blankets or wear some good jackets and sweaters and be comfortable with it with a bearable chillness making it more amazing.


3. It is in the winters where you can actually go out and enjoy yourself in Kolkata in the winters. As November approaches and the temperature of Kolkata gets down, its more enjoyable to go out, visit places around, take walks, visit various markets and just be out in the city, without having to worry about the heat, humidity and the tiring atmosphere. Winters becomes really pleasant in Kolkata, when the weather is not hot at all neither is it cold to give you shivers and make you wanna stay home snuggled in your  bed all day.

4. Kolkata is a city of festivities and as the winter approaches the city of joy, there comes the whole city transforming itself in the winter festivities. The whole city gets ready for a grand Christmas celebration as December approaches, with New Years’ , Saraswati Puja and Valentine’s day as well, where its so great to tour the city, enjoy the festivities and not to forget, shop with every supermarket and malls open with SALE throughout the city.

5. Winter in Kolkata means time to take a quick weekend getaway. Kolkata is surrounded by amazing places to visit for a quick weekend trip and the amazing weather makes it really pleasant. Plan a trip to Sunderban and discover nature with the Royal Bengal Tiger or a great beach trip to Digha or may be Puri which are all quick distances away from Kolkata.

6. So you wanted to go to Nicco Park for a nice day with friends or family and the weather always caused a problem? Did the summer heat made it hard for you to explore eco-park, visit the zoo or take a boat in the Hoogly and discover the ghats? Winters is the time when you actually do all those things, and have an amazing time, comfortable in the lovely wintry weather.

7. The summer heat always was a big obstacle when it comes to being trendy and fashionable in Kolkata, as a little walk outside would literally make your face and clothes wet due to the humidity. Plus you have so little stuffs to wear, where most of the time you are wearing shorts or thin, light clothes. As the winter approaches, you can play with your own personal style, with various clothes whether it be jackets, coats, sweatshirts, scarves, caps and so many things to experience and the great stuff about it is, you won’t get dirty and wet with sweat in Kolkata during the winters.

8. It is the time you say goodbye to the air conditioner and fans. Summers are a big problem and you always find yourself in an AC room or below the ceiling fan. Well, during the winters, Kolkata transforms itself into a natural air conditioner and the weather is so pleasant that you don’t need a fan or an AC to be comfortable and everywhere you go in Kolkata is just pleasant and nice.

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