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17 Reasons You Should NEVER Ever Visit Orissa

No beautiful sea, no history, no friendly people, so rich architecture. Orissa is a boring place with no tourists and you should never ever visit Orissa. Check out 17 reasons why you should never visit Orissa.

1. Orissa is a boring place for all sea lovers.

No sea at all in Orissa
2. Orissa does not have any place where you could get beautiful handicrafts and indigenous souvenirs.
See no beautiful handicrafts.

3. Orissa seems to be a dull place for beach lovers. There are so coastal getways, no lovely beaches with sand and palm trees. Nothing for a beach vacation in India.
Seriously no beaches in Orissa

4. Orissa does not have any place for dolphin watching. Chilka lake in Orissa which is also the largest lagoon, does not serve as an excellent site for dolphin watching.
Dolphins at Chilka Lake. Wait... what?

5. Orissa does not house hundreds of rare and beautiful birds species and the Nalabana Bird Sanctuary in Orissa is also pretty useless. Hence, if you love bird watching, Orissa is not the place to be.
See.. so birds in Orissa.

6. There is no zoo in the capital city of Orissa, Bhubaneshwar which houses more than 125 species of animals.
An Orangutan at Nandakanan zoo in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa

7.  The Chilika Lake in Orissa is also the largest brackish water lagoon housing a huge number of amazing species of animals, birds and fishes which is simply so dull and boring and is not something that any tourist would love forward to seeing.
Chilka Lake, not interesting at all.

8. Orissa is called the state of temples with more than 700 historical temples in the capital city of Bhubaneshwar also which adds nothing to the tourist appeal or historical importance. No one would like to visit temples that are hundred of years old.
Land of the Temples, Orissa. The tourists wouldn't want to see all these right?

9. Orissa has no architectural structures that are important. The Sun Temple in Konark is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which adds no value nor is of any importance.
Not important at all

10. No important or big events happen in Orissa. The rath yatra which is one of the biggest religious event in India happens in the Jagannath temple in Puri, Orissa but why would anyone wants to see that even if there are thousands of tourists from all over India and foreign lands rushing to the state to see it.
No one shows up for the events because it is so not interesting.

11. Orissa does not reflect is rich history and influence by Buddhism and historical sites like Ratnagiri do not depict Buddhism.

Historical Sites at Ratnagiri

12. There is no cultural and dance festivals in Orissa. Odissi dance performances, which is also said to be one of the most gracious dance form cannot be seen in Orissa.

Odissi dance performances, Only in Orissa.

13. Orissa has more than 60 old tribal communities and has a lot of tribal villages all over the state. One can witness these villages and their lifestyle here but why would anyone want to witness old tribal cultures and lifestyle that cannot be seen anywhere else.

14. One can always try the delicious cuisine and food in Orissa which is amazing but why try it and not grab a pizza which can be available at any corner of the world.

15. You can catch glimpses of rare turtles in their breeding and nesting place which is not important scientifically nor for tourist interest.
Rare turtle breeding sites are very rare and cannot be seen from a lot of places. But why see it?

16. There is no beauty in the state.
No beauty at all.

17. And at the end, you'll never seen a smile face in the state of Orissa.
No smiles.

If you still are not able to get the sarcasm behind the article then read the article in a simple direct form here

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