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16 Weirdest and Funniest Restaurant Names That Will Make You ROFL

    It's quite usual to come across funny names of restaurants and as you travel to various towns and cities, you will see a lot of places with weird restaurant names that will make you laugh out loud. Check out the list of funny restaurant names that has totally redefined humor and weirdness.

1. Thai Tanic
Ever thought of some great Thai food in a ship? Welcome abode to Thai Tanic

2.  Anal Indian Takeaway Restaurant
I don't think Indian food has anything to do with it lol
3. Flavors of Negros
And that's what I call racism in a restaurant.
4. Herpes Pizza
And you land up in the hospital with a single bite of that pizza.

5. Vagina Tandoori Indian Cuisine Restaurant
Must have some delicious Indian delights.

6.  Soon Fatt Chinese Takeaway
How too much Chinese food will make you fat soon.

7. Fook-Hing  Restaurant
Seriously not sure how that is actually pronounced? But I am sure the Chinese food there is Fook Hing good.

8. Rong Phuk Restaurant
Oh yes. Absolutely wrong.

9. Dirty Dick's Crab House
This is where all the hot chicks go for some delicious crabs.

10.  Pizza Orgasmica
Where you get the 'Foodgasm.'

11. Cock Block 
Anyone ready for some slow roast prime rib at Cock Block?

12. Frying Nemo
No wonder Finding Nemo was so hard.

How would you recommend this restaurant to a friend? Pronounce it for me please.

14. Thairanosaurus Thai Take Away
Where all the dinosaurs get their Thai food from.

15. Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant
Doesn't sound like a good combination.

16.  Cum-n-Eat Restaurant
selfie stick with zoom monopod
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