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15 Funny Traffic Signs in INDIA: Drive Insane and Crazy

    Ask a driver how driving is in India and he may tell you a lot of interesting things about it. Then ask a driver or anyone travelling around in India about the various traffic signs in India and there will be a lot more interesting stories about it.
       Here is a collection of funny traffic signs in India that will drive you totally insane and crazy. If you have not come across one yet, then have a look at few of those funny traffic signs in India below:

1. Darling I want you but not so fast
Great way of saying to drive slow in India

2. Way to Kottayam
So does that confuse you which way to go for Kottayam?

. Not Witch Craft but Watch Craft Saves
Not witch craft while driving. Focus on Watch Craft.

4. If you sleep your family will weep
Dont' Sleep while driving and make your family weep.

5. Be Mr Late. Better than late Mr
Being late may save you from being late Mr...

6. Follow Traffic Rules and Avoid Blood Pools
And that's what we call poetic creativity for traffic signs in India.

7. Safety on Road is Safe Tea at Home
And the rhyming goes on and on.

8. Be Gentle on my Curves
Curves of the road okay?

9. After Whisky Driving Risky
Better than saying Don't Drink and Drive.

10. Warning to Tourists. Do not laugh at the native
Better take this one seriously.

11. Cheak Your Brake
Did you just cheak? check?

12. Let Your Insurance Policy Mature Before You
Life tip: this one!

13. Visitors are Requested Not to Pluck Flowers or Trees
I hope no one intends to pick any trees after reading this message.

14. Don't Gossip Let Him Drive

15. Go Slow, Accident Porn Area
Accident Porn?

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