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10 Things to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Career in Hotel Management

Working in the hotel industry may seem quite fancy, fun and fabulous. You’ve always loved how amazing those huge hotels were, the smiling friendly staffs and being a part of that industry may seem like a really fun career to choose. The perks you get studying hotel management, working for hotels, airlines, cruise liners, travel operators and also the opportunity for jobs globally may seem really tempting.
    But let us go a little deep inside what study in hotel management is and if you’re planning to go study hotel management or join the hotel industry for future prospect, then there are 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Choose a Career in Hotel Management:

1. Am I a happy, friendly and helpful person who is always ready to assist people, solve problems and represent a positive outlook?

Being a happy and friendly person is a virtue and for hoteliers, a skill everyone should possess. It may seem quite easy to be happy and friendly, but no matter how much work you’ve been doing, how much stressed you are or how much sad you’re from inside, you always need to maintain a naturally happy and friendly outlook in a hotel. Ask yourself whether you can deal with problems of guests complaining and shouting at you and still maintain a very helpful and happy outlook and assist the guest to solve problems.

2. Am I okay with being flexible at work, working for long shifts, on weekends, on holidays or any important events as well?
     Choosing a career in hotel management mean you need to say goodbye to your highly active social life. There are days you need to work for long shifts which may begin before sunrise and end after midnight. You must be ready to work at different shifts, whether it be starting working in the morning, afternoon, evening or at night. Hotel jobs is not a ‘Monday to Friday job’ and you’re expected to work even during the weekends so it’s not going to be TGIF every Friday for you. You need to be flexible and there may be certain times when you may have to work for days or weeks without a single day off. Holidays, Christmas, New Years’, and Birthdays should be said goodbye to. Hotels are busier during holidays so it’s impossible to get a leave during holidays and you’re actually expected to work even more during those times.

3. Am I patient and don’t have a temper?
    Hotel industry is not the place for hot headed people. Patience is a virtue and a skill in the hotel industry and you need that virtue every time you’re working. You may come across guests who are always complaining, clients who always ask questions and stressing you out, colleagues who always try to add more work on you and managers and bosses who always think you’re not good enough. These times all you need is patience and no anger, and you need to be calm, stress free and friendly all the time. If you possess this virtue then you’ll surely have a long fruitful career.

4. Am I ready to start from the bottom and grow slowly?
    After you complete your studies in hotel management, you’re expected to begin your job in an entry level or as a trainee. During this time, you will be in a position quite lower than your co-workers and all you need to do is train yourself, learn and gain experience slowly. Questions yourself if you’re okay starting from the bottom. Growth is not always fast and it may even take years for you to get a promotion. There are tons of hotel management graduates and getting an employee is not a problem for an employer so do you think you have the skills that would allow you to grow in the hotel industry?

5. Am I okay with a low salary job to start with?
   Hotels may seem really fancy and expensive but the amount the hoteliers are paid are not that fancy or expensive. Hotel jobs are not like jobs in medicine or engineering where you begin with a very high salary. You need to be okay with a minimum salary you get and always engage yourself to learning and training so that you would grow and get a salary hike. One does need to go through hotel management internships and industrial training as well which is often not paid.

6. Do I have a superiority complex?
   Because if you do have a superiority complex, then hotel management may not work for you as well. No matter how educated you are, how much salary you’re getting or what position you may hold in the hotel, you shall always maintain an inferior status in the eyes of the guests. Even well-established general managers and executive chefs does maintain a friendly, helpful outlook looking high up at the guest. You should never make the guest feel inferior to you by your words or actions. No matter what the guest says, the guest is always right and that’s one motto that every hospitality industry follows.

7. Am I okay with moving to places for work?
   Hotel industry demands you to move to various places for work and you should ask yourself if you’re flexible enough to change locations and move for work. It may not be probable that the best job for you is available in your home town or city. There are new hotels opening every now and then which demands human resource and may have excellent opportunities, for which you may have to move. Jobs in airlines and cruise liners demands you to move to various locations every now and then. So ask yourself again if you’re okay with leaving your friends and family behind for work.

8. Am I a good communicator? Am I fluent in the language needed to speak and do I speak any other important languages as well?
     Communication is a highly needed skill for work in the hotel and hospitality industry and a must for people working on the front of the house. If you think you are shy and do not have the ability to speak and communicate properly then getting a job would be really hard for you. This skill would be essential at the very first stage of recruitment during interviews and lack of this skill would be evidently seen, which would fail you to get a job.

9. Do I have a lot of family responsibilities on me?
   If you’re someone who has a lot of responsibilities from your family and need to be around them frequently, then a career in hotel management would make life really hard for you. Hotel jobs demand you to work in various shifts and in various days. Having family responsibilities of children, parents and family members, may not enable you to have enough time to spend with them. As hotel careers demand you to even move to various places, leaving them behind for work may seem tough and moving with them as well.

10. Am I a neat-freak, clean and organized person?
    Because if you’re not, then hotel life isn’t for you. Whether you’re working for the house-keeping department, front office or food and beverage, you’re required to be clean and organized every time. Your grooming should be excellent, with proper standard for uniforms, hairstyles and person hygiene. Your work space should be clean and organized every time and you need to portray that as a brand to the company you work.

    Well, after you ask these questions to yourself and you think you can work for the hotel industry then yes, hotel industry is a booming and rewarding career choice which would be fruitful and financially profitable. You could also read Careers in Hotel Management: Qualifications, Studies and Career Prospects  for more details on careers in Hotel Management.


  1. Love this, working in hospitality can be difficult for an introverted person!


  2. Very True, one should always pre plan about the career choices we make.

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