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10 Reasons Why You Should QUIT Writing For Triond


Triond used to be a really fun, interactive and great site to writing online articles and earn some money as well out of it. As a 'former' writer at Triond, I use to actively write articles online at Triond with the pen name Mr Arrogant, and wrote more than 500 articles and did earn a couple hundreds of dollars writing for more than four years. But those days are gone. I wish I could write more for Triond but it is not  worth it at all and if you still write for Triond, it is better you quit writing for Triond.
      You wanna know why you should QUIT writing for Triond? Let me give you 10 reasons why quit Triond.

1. Pay is Extremely Low Now: I still have my articles which get more than 1000 views a day and how much do I get paid? 6 cents for 1000 views. Yes, that happened. There was a time when Triond paid about $1 to $3 per 1000 views,  and now its barely pays anything. The pay has dropped down so low that it is not worth writing for Triond at all and it is better go for some other alternatives like Hubpages.

2. All Good Writers Are Gone: Triond used to be an amazing community for online writers, with well knowledged, experienced and interactive users, but since Triond has been really down, almost all the good writers have quit Triond and there is barely no one to communicate with and talk to about good writing.

3. No Support:  In case there is any problem with your page, profile or articles, there is no support from the Triond editorial team. Triond has been having a lot of issues and though there is an option to report issues, there is no response for help and maybe even the editorial team and support team at Triond has been disinterested by seeing the condition of the site.

4. No Editorial Reviews: Once a writer submits an article at Triond, the editorial team is suppose to review the article and either publish it, reject it or send back for revision. But now, there has been nothing like that and the reviews are automatically generated. The funniest thing about Triond is that even you write an article that makes no sense at all, your post will actually get accepted and published. Quality of posts has not been maintained at Triond.

5. Randomly Categorized: Submitted articles are randomly categorized and the categorization of the articles is suppose to be done by a human, but its automatic now and its been so random. An article about the Internet is posted at the Women's page, a travel article gets posted in the creative writing site and a movie review gets posted in the site about Health. Even though there is an option for relocation of articles in such cases, relocating it makes no change in the articles published where it is placed.

6. No Contests, No Promotions: The Triond team used to organize lots of contests and promotions to drive users to write more for Triond before, with extra pays, contests and various offers. But now its been ages nothing like that has come up and there is nothing to drive and encourage the writers to write for Triond.

7. The Top Lists Are So Outdated: The top articles list in Triond is suppose to be updated and every growing users and writers are suppose to be encouraged. But the top 10 articles and others like that have articles written like 3-4 years ago and it completely outdated and obsolete.

8. Glitches Everywhere in Triond: The Triond websites where the articles are suppose to be published, always have glitches. The layout are in a chaos, the posts sometimes get posted empty, the sites is so slow and doesn't load properly and numerous other problems and glitches come about everytime and doesn't get fixed.

9. Triond is BLOCKED in so many places: The Triond team has not maintained its standard and is now considered a very substandard site. When you publish your articles on Triond, its very hard to share those publications as Triond websites have been banned in various sites and even considered as spam due to its low standard. For instance, the very popular social bookmarking site, StumbleUpon, has blocked Triond and sharing articles from any Triond website has become impossible.

10. The Whole Triond Theme is Obsolete: There has been no updates at Triond and the whole theme of Triond is obsolete. The Triond dashboard, submitting forms, content gallery and profiles are very obsolete and no updates have been done since years.

     There are plenty of other websites like Triond where you can write, which is great, gives you good money and where most of the writers join as well. If you still write for Triond, its hard time you quit Triond and try some other great sites. 
   For me instance, I now write for Hubpages, which has great quality articles, excellent editorial team and pays well. You can join Hubpages using my referral by CLICKING HERE.

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  1. Absolutely, and most important part of Triond is commenting which is now greatly reduced after removing inbuilt system. It all been done after several Google Panda updates.


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