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10 Reasons Why The Harry Potter Franchise Has A New Book Coming

‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows’ may have been the last book by J.K. Rowling for the Harry Potter franchise but as the Harry Potter series came to an end, there were a lot of questions unanswered and mysteries unsolved. Harry Potter franchise had quite an incomplete ending and J.K. Rowling definitely needs to write one more book to complete the Harry Potter franchise after the last book ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’.

     But why should there be one more book added to the whole magical series of witches and wizards after it already ended? Well, it has been a long time since the final book was released and J.K. Rowling already announced that this was the end of the whole H.P. franchise but who doesn’t love some shocking news and twists coming from the author. So all the Harry Potter fans who grew up reading the magical books by Rowling and watching the incredible movies from the franchise about the magical world of Harry Potter, would definitely love to have a surprise addition.  So have a look at these ten strong reasons why J.K. Rowling should write one more book adding it to the Harry Potter franchise:

1. The Mysterious Character of Albus Severus Potter
As the last volume, the Deathly Hallows ended, we were introduced to Harry Potter’s son, Albus Severus Potter who seemed to be quite a different and interesting character, confused and puzzled about which Hogwarts house he was going to choose and asked his father about it. The readers are very curious to know what will happen to him and the adventures that come along with that question he popped. Is he going to be another evil wizard studying in Hogwarts or is he going to be a great wizard, who would land up in the Slytherin house and yet be proved to be an honest, powerful, strong and faithful wizard, breaking all stereotypes. These mysterious questions have all popped up in the minds of the fans and an answer to all these would definitely be amazing and a new book to the franchise would be perfect explaining this.

2. The God Child, Teddy Lupin
As the last book ended, Ted Lupin was caught snogging with a girl at King’s Cross station, while the Hogwart express was departing to leave for school. He grew up without his parents who died at the great battle with the Death Eaters at Hogwarts, with Harry Potter who was left with him as his god father. The character of Teddy was introduced at the end and the introduction itself stimulated a lot of questions and anticipations about what kind of person he grew up to be and the fans would love to hear more about Ted.

3. The Reasons Why the Dursleys Hated Harry Potter
 J.K. Rowling recently made a statement about why the Dursleys hated Harry Potter so much yet still looked after him growing up all those years. She described about Lily and James Potter meeting up Petunia and Vernon Dursley, and how Mr. Vernon was jealous of James Potter for how he looked and also how Petunia was jealous of her sister being chosen to be a witch. Also in the last book, there was this time when the Dursleys were leaving Harry Potter forever, and though they hated Harry Potter so much, there was a moment where Petunia feels a little sad for abandoning Harry. Well, that needs a better explanation added to the story and what could be a better way than write about it in the next Harry Potter book.

4. Neville Longbottom and his Parents
Neville Longbottom actually did have a very important role in the whole Harry Potter franchise, with him becoming the Herbology teacher at Hogwarts at the end, and then there were the stories about his parents which always made him sad and suffer. His parents, Frank and Alice Longbottom were tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange with the Cruciatus curse was always talked about, especially in the fourth book, the Goblet of Fire when Neville was demonstrated the Cruciatus curse in the Defence Against the Dark Arts class which bothered him and actually made him suffer. There were moments later in the franchise telling little stories about Neville’s parents being tortured and killed by Bellatrix Lestrange and his hatred towards her but the stories about Frank and Alice Longbottom was always incomplete, which was never described properly. So perhaps a new book, probably a prequel to the Harry Potter franchise would be great explaining the story of Neville Longbottom and his parents.

5. Dumbledore’s Homosexuality
J.K. Rowling made an announcement couple of years ago, about the character of Albus Dumbledore being gay. Well, everything we know how the homosexuality of Albus Dumbledore is from the statements by the author J.K. Rowling, with no actual mentions about it in any of the books. So probably a next Harry Potter book would be a great way of mentioning more about Dumbledore being gay, making the author’s statement even more clear and valid, adding that part of Dumbledore’s character to the story of the HP series.

6. The Mysterious 17 Years
The magical world of Harry Potter was never always silent, calm and happy and every now and then, there would be something terrible, shocking or scary happening. In the Deathly Hallows, after the last battle at Hogwarts against the Death Eaters and the death of Lord Voldemort, we were suddenly taken to a point of time 17 years later, when Harry Potter was already married and with kids, sending his children to Hogwarts at King’s Cross station. We, the readers would love to know about the 17 years, for what things happened in those years which was never talked about and an additional next book could be an excellent chance to write about the mysterious 17 years.

7. Hermione Granger’s Muggle Parents
Hermione’s muggle life was the least talked about and it was not until the last book, when little about her parents were written. What happened to Hermione Granger’s muggle connection? She had casted the ‘Obliviate’ spell on her muggle parents, erasing memories of her from their lives escaping from them as Lord Voldemort rose to power. However after the death of Lord Voldemort, did she ever go back to her parents? The readers would love to hear some story about Hermione’s muggle life and her parents probably making it demand for a next Harry Potter book.

8. The History of Hogwarts
The history of Hogwarts has always been quite a fascinating one, making the fans want to know more about it. Stories and tales told about the four founders of Hogwarts were quite brief even though it created a lot of anxiety and hunger to know more about them amongst the fans. Well, all the ctazy fans of the franchise would want to know a lot more about how Hogwarts was founded and about the stories related to the founders. Readers would wanted to know a lot more about the story of Gordic Griffindor and his sword, about Rowana Ravenclaw and her lost diadem and yes, every story related to the so talked about evil Salazar Slytherin, and a prequel to the series describing all the historical tales of Hogwarts would be so great.

9. The Untold Life of Albus Dumbledore
 The more you get to know about Albus Dumbledore, the less you think you know about him. It was not until the end of the Harry Potter franchise that we came to know more about Albus Dumbledore, his brother Aberforth Dumbledore who comes to rescue at the great battle in the end, his mother Kendra Dumbledore and his squib sister Ariana Dumbledore, who all seemed to be really interesting characters. There is so much mystery about Dumbledore, his life and family that is so less talked about. The secrets that Dumbledore kept, his rising as the most powerful wizard, his powerful dwell with Grindelwald and how he got the elder wand are few of the mysteries we would like to get unfolded. Hence, some descriptions about the untold stories of Albus Dumbledore would be great in the form of an additional book to the entire Harry Potter franchise.

10. The Trio
The trio of the Harry Potter series was the most focused characters of the entire franchise. There were a lot of guessing and anticipations about whom Harry Potter would end up with and the relationships were always quite confusing. J.K. Rowling even made a statement that she had even thought of killing the character of Ron Weasley and making Harry Potter end up with Hermione Granger. Well, at the end of the series, at the train station, we saw Ginny Weasley who seemed to be happily married to Harry Potter with a family already built and the same with Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. But is that a total end to the Harry Potter franchise? Well, the readers would always love to see some really twisted plot as an ending and a new book to the Harry Potter franchise as an addition would be totally amazing for such a twist.

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