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10 Places You Should Not Miss Visiting in Spain

Let me ask you one question: what comes to your mind if I say Spain? Beaches? Heat? Party? Food?
I am pretty sure all of you have heard about Spain. Everyone knows Barcelona, Salou, Ibiza, Canarian Islands... Everyone knows about the parties and the delicious Mediterranean food. Our beaches, our kindness even our privileged climate.
And that's OK, I like Spain to be known as one amazing place to go on holidays. But you're missing half of the tale.
With many different landscapes, Spain is a country with a huge diversity of climates and views. From the cold and rainy North, to the heat of the South, there are amazing not-so-known places no one should miss. I picked up a few so you start knowing more about my homeland:
Visit Canfranc in Spain


Sited on the Aragonese's Pyrenees, this tiny town next to the border with France harbors one of the most beautiful Train Stations all over the country. With a population of only 554 people, Canfranc was once a very busy place, full of travelers on both directions. Inaugurated on 1928 and active until 1970, when there was a derailment due to the collapse of a bridge, this Station still receives passengers from its side of the border.
Visit Canfranc in Spain

El caminito del Rey (The King's path)

On the South of the country and only one hour away from Málaga, we can find a landscape worthy of an Indiana Jones' film. This path, built on the Gaitanes' Gorge, is a footbridge 3 km long running from the inside of a canyon. Reopened this year and with previous booking, El caminito del Rey is an amazing destination for hiking lovers.
Do Visit El caminito del Rey (The King's path) Spain


In the interior of Catalonia and built around a Middle Age Castle, Besalú is very popular around Spain because of it's state of conservation and magnificent views, but also because of the Medieval Festival that takes place every year. With many monuments to visit and a charming atmosphere, here is a good place to start an approximation to Spanish history.
Visit the cold beautiful Besalú in Spain

Val d'Aran

This beautiful valley, my home, is perhaps one of the most concurred destinations in winter season. With the largest Ski resort in Spain, Val d'Aran is a must for those who enjoy snow sports. With its views, more similar to those Swiss landscapes than the Spanish ones we are used to think about, this place is the paradise for those who want to enjoy nature, small villages and their typical architecture.
Visit Val d'Aran Spain

La Alberca

Next to Portugal, La Alberca is a typical town from Castilla y León. In the middle of a mountain range, get lost on the streets of this village and enjoy its unique buildings, kind people and amazing gastronomy.
Visit La Alberca Spain

Casas Colgadas de Cuenca (Hanging Houses of Cuenca)

Dating from the fifteen century, this houses are what remains of a complete neighborhood in Cuenca. Their name is due to the special way of building their balconies: made over no solid material and using cantilevers to prevent from tipping over. Next to the amazing views of the old town and the streets that take you there, this buildings are an exceptional landscape.

Secuyoas del Monte Cabezón (Monte Cabezón's sequoias)

In the middle of Cantabria and between San Vicente de la Barquera and Torrelavega, this forest full of sequoias is an atypical protected area. Planted on the 1940's, this forest was part of a political plan from the government of those days. A quiet place worth visiting to make contact with Mother Nature.

Butrón's Castle

Sited in Gatica, Vizcaya, this castle has its origins in the Middle Ages, being then a typical house-tower of the time. Later, on XIX century, the owner of the place made a big restyling using the foundations and towers, giving it a German style and using big doses of fantasy. For that reason, Butrón's Castle is one of a kind on the area, very singular and with a huge garden which houses even tropical species.

Columbretes Islands

This tiny archipelago in the Mediterranean sea can only be visited by boat. Part of Castellón de la Plana, this group of islands are the kingdom of Mediterranean flora and fauna. Being a protected zone, out and inside the water, Columbretes Islands have a big amount of protected species (fishes, insects, animals and plants). The visit finishes on the top of the main island (the only one you can actually visit) and seeing the inside of the lighthouse.


Last but not least, Montserrat is a rock mass 50 km away of Barcelona. With a Monastery, a balcony, many hiking routes and a via ferrata, this mountains are a place where many different people converges: hikers, climbers, religious people...
A very beautiful place where you can learn from others and enjoy an amazing view of Barcelona from a privileged angle.

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