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Top 6 Ways to Take Revenge From Your Ex in a Harmless Way

   So you got dumped by your ex? Your ex treated you really badly and now you wanna take revenge from your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Here are some ways how you can take the best revenge from your ex in a very harmless manner:

1.  Spam his/her email: This is the best way to revenge your ex harmlessly. Subscribe to various newsletters and subscriptions from blogs to his/her email address. Make sure a lot of them are from porn sites and sexual health spams.
2.  Register your ex’s phone number to various agencies that call you up very often like life insurance, job alerts, etc and then see your ex getting a lot of calls again and again.
3.  Get a makeover. Try to be a better looking person. Maybe lose weight if you have had more weight or workout and have a great boy or maybe get a new haircut and try to be a better person. It can’t be a better revenge when an ex realizes what he or she missed.

4.  Date someone really hot. Jealousy is the best killer or you moving on and dating someone really hot and sexy would kill your ex from inside.

5.  Get a new job or move in to a new country to experience adventures of life and post pictures and updates of yourself in social media where your ex can see.

6.  The best revenge you can give your ex finally is to forget him/her, forget the revenges and moving on with life, trying to do good for yourself and being a better person. Nothing hurts an ex more than seeing you have moved on and do not need him/her anymore. When you become self-sufficient and do good things for yourself, you will achieve great deal for yourself and make your ex jealous as well. Do things you always dreamt of doing, go for a holiday, make new friends, get a new job, travel, and have some adventures. Life is too short to be spent on crying for someone or planning on revenges. Move on with life with things you always wanted to and see how great you become in life.
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