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The World’s Sexiest and Most Handsome Gorilla: Shabani from Japan

  Yes you heard it right. The world’s most handsome gorilla lives in a zoo in Japan and is named Shabani. But how can there be such a thing called sexy gorilla?

    Well, women in Japan are freaking out because of this gorilla. There is a gorilla named Shabani and is referred to as the sexy gorilla and that’s how women in and around Nagoya, Japan say it. There have been a lot of people rushing to Higashiyama zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya, Japan to take a look at this handsome gorilla, Shabani and appreciate his handsome and sexy features, as they say, in person.

       The officials from Higashiyama zoo said that Shabani is now in his very peak physical form and looks the most buff amongst all the gorillas. They claimed that they have been had a peak rise in female visitors to the zoo who comes just to see the world’s sexiest and most handsome gorilla, Shabani.

      There have been a lot of Twitter users from Japan talking and tweeting about Shabani referring to this gorilla as too handsome and ‘ikemen’ which means a good looking man in Japanese.

     Shabani is busy being surrounded by his human fans in the zoo and spends the rest of his time with his brood which includes his two kids and two female mates. This handsome gorilla, Shabani was born in the Netherlands, and was raised in Australia and moved to Japan in 2007, where he grew his fans and now became the most handsome and sexiest gorilla.

     What could the sexiest gorilla tag hold for Shabani? Various Endorsement deals? A world tour? A feature in a movie? Well, for that we’ll have to wait and watch for what happen with Shabani.

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  1. I read the title and thought what is the big deal really! But once I saw the pictures I realised, one helluva good looking mammal this is!


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