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Featured Blogger From Darjeeling: Apurva Lama

Blogging gives me a common ground where I can interrelate things like style , art, photography and books and that is what I love to put into one page or post. I like picking up mundane things and turning them into something extraordinary.’ – Apurva Lama

  And Miss Apurva Lama has made her own definition for a blog transforming all mundane things she loves with her creativity and sharing them in the Internet. Miss Apurva Lama is a blogger hailing from the hill of Darjeeling and currently based in Delhi, journalist by profession and degree, and currently working in an advertising agency.

   She writes for her blog, Appy Cat which she created last year, getting inspired to start with blogging due to her love for writing. In the words of Miss Lama, she defines her blog as a blog dedicated to style, dreams, fashion, books and arts and her blog being inspired from people and culture around the world, where the blog talks about the various genres and evolution of style, juxtaposing it with contempory fashion. She dedicates her blog Appy Cat, to street style which is ever changing and unique, to individualism, being one of the key focuses of her blog and also quotes ‘and there are days, of course when you just want to talk about the random’.

    From the perspective of a reader, Appy Cat is exactly how she describes it to be, a dedication to dreams, fashion, books and art and the random and all those mundane stuff she relates to, she has transformed it to something really amazing with her creativity reflecting in her blog. And ofcourse, there are her reviews and tutorials, whether it be her posts on how she creates amazing photographs using simple photo editing applications or  tutorials on creating tiny little stop motion videos. 

       When I asked her, how she describes her personal style? Miss Apurva Lama replies, Style, in terms of fashion? It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin. Fashion is secondary for me. Don’t try too hard and don’t follow the rules. Keep experimenting, create your own trend is what gets me by always. It’s quite a juxtaposition of style in itself, if you ask me. And she definitely proves her point with experimenting and creating her own trend. For instance, her post ‘DIY Tie Up Cropped Tops’ was one post where she actually shared with her readers how one can make cropped tops using old t-shirts with step by step method and photographs and I being a regular follower of her blog could see a lot of people who had read the post, and then tried making cropped tops from her tutorial and posted the amazing results which her tutorial taught them. She has amazing posts where she’s defined her own style creating her own trend, with her fabulous photographs. You could check her posts on winter fashion about layering titled ‘Layer It Like A Boss’ or the one where she’s recreated the trend the 70’s with her ‘Bell Buttom Blues’ post. These are just few posts which I mentioned and once you open AppyCat.co.in then there is a whole new world where Apurva is doing what she does the best, creating her own trend with her creativity and style.

  I asked Apurva the question I always wanted to ask. I always saw flames of creativity burning in Apurva’s blog so when I asked her where she gets all those ideas of making simple things an art with her creativity, she responded,Thank you! The ideas are everywhere if you just look. I’ve always been a dreamer and I think that works to my advantage when it comes to creating something. Just look at something and question the status quo and think. You’ll see endless possibilities to create.’ Talking about inspirations for blog posts, she added, ‘Inspiration. Like I said, is everywhere. In the people you meet, the experiences, the past, the future or even your dream, you never know.

     Miss Lama is her own photographer and takes most of her own photographs except for few outdoor photos in her blog. She’s quite mastered the art of using a tripod and the self-timer option in a camera. As a blogger and even as a human, we always have people that inspire you to do things, set goals, dreams and become a better person and Apurva tells that she has plenty too with Casey Neistat and Sophia Amoruso being two amongst the long list of people that  she is inspired by.

      When asked about what she loves the most about Blogging, in Apurva’s words she quotes, ‘The fact that everything I do on my blog is 100% me and it gives me a way to connect that to the rest of the world. I have always found myself scribbling down random thoughts and blogging paved a way to get those thoughts into something concrete. The feedback you get from your readers is just overwhelming.Its great how technology has evolved and how one can share his/her thoughts, knowledge and opinion sitting confined within the four walls of a room and then reach out to the whole world out there.

    As a conclusion to an interview with her, she talks about her future plans with her blog and about new and interesting posts coming up by saying, ‘Oh yes, definitely. I have just purchased a domain as you can see. I plan on developing it into a proper website/brand. I’m planning on doing lots of videos in the days to come, let’s see.’ And then adds up, ‘ FOLLOW ME’ with a smile.

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