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A Review About TRIOND by a User Since 6 Years: Make Money Online Writing Articles?

It was in the year 2009 I first came across this site called Triond where a user can easily sign up and start writing articles and make money out of it. As I started out, Triond was a site quite easier to use and simple to have your articles published as the rules of articles getting accepted are not that strict.

      As I started out writing a couple of articles, I also learnt a lot about writing, SEO, getting traffic to your page, etc from the huge community of writers in Triond which was really helpful. Basically I started off with making only few cents to a dollar a month but I really enjoyed the experience of writing in Triond, getting literary works by you published online and getting to have people from around the world read it. Slowly and slowly I started getting a lot of views as I learnt more about trending topics, getting more views, search engine optimization and building a healthy and social community within the Triond family.

     I also applied for a Google Adsense account via Triond which enable me to display ads by Google in my triond article page which in turn gave me additional income through my Google Adsense account. As the years passed by, there were a lot of changes in the layout and methods of Triond. A lot of writing contests and campaigns were held to encourage writers in the site to write more which was even more interesting. But as time passed by, everything faded into thin air.

      Now, if you ask me after having worked with Triond, do you wish to work more with it? The answer would be Yes. Do I still work for Triond? No. Triond is not what it used to be before. The payout of Triond has become extremely low and has even become as low as $ 0.10 for 7000 views and more. I can see that the Triond site hasn’t even been maintained well and a lot of writers from the healthy writing community in Triond has quit writing for Triond. Now the editors and administrators of Triond too seem to not care at all. So if anyone is planning to join Triond to make some money online by publishing articles online then I would say Triond isn’t the right site. Yes it is true again that it is easy to publish materials in Triond but when it comes to earnings, one can barely make anything there now.

       Triond had various sub sites where the articles used to be published and for people who want to learn about writing online, blogging and making money online, there are a lot of very useful articles in Triond written by fellow Triond writers and could be very valuable. One of the Triond website, Writinghood.com has a lot of great articles on writing, especially online writing and blogging.

      So, in short, Triond used to be a great site for making money online by publishing articles online but for now, it’s a no. I don’t think Triond would even ever be back to what it was as it’s been months and even more than a year that Triond has been in the same condition and no one seems to care. One could try using Helium, HubPages and other related sites properly researching about it online and choosing what could be the best alternative for Triond.
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  1. hey! I just started my first 4 content to publish in triond, it's all shitty!!! all ads and my photos don't even appear. every writer is saying the same about the site!! the oldest weriters have their income and thats it. there is no chance for new writers. it is just a waste for talent. and i even contact them about my works and no one cares!

  2. I used to write for triond back in 2010. At that time I tried hard to make money from triond. But after writing lot of articles I able to make few cents. Now I see their site is down. So they are not in the business anymore.


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