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9 Types of People I Came Across in a Train Journey

A journey in an Indian train would always be memorable and what makes it more memorable is the types of people you meet while in a journey in an Indian train. Below are the account of types of people I met in my train journey from Hyderabad to Kolkata.
1st type – the ‘I know it all, I have seen enough difficulties in life as I am from the Indian Middle class’ types. He was a family man travelling with his wife and son and always had a serious expression on his face, the typical no nonsense, hardworking, Indian middle class guy.
2nd type – the ‘oh I am the typical pati brata Indian abla nari who exists for the sake of my husband and son’ types. She was the wife of the man (1st type), who seemed to be a simple and sincere lady and would not speak a word infront of her husband. This lady, while her husband and son were gorging on biryani, just ate plain bread…plain bread… not even with water.
3rd type – the child who was ‘oh my father and mother works so hard to raise me and get me the things I need, hence I will be a good boy and behave well’ types. I wish we had more of this type of understanding children who knows what their parents go through to make their ends meet.
4th type – complete opposite of the 3rd type, a super spoilt brat, probably 5 years old whose only aim in life seem to bash his father (as he kept saying, daddy ‘gandey insaan hai’, wonder what ‘ganda harkat’ his father did) and trouble his mom and use the phone as if he invented it or was born with it. I understand kids have lots of energy, but this one seemed to have more than required.
5th type – the mom of the 4th type, whose only aim in life seemed to be spoiling her son, and inspite of all his naughtiness she would only say- ..’baby yeh khao, baby woh khaoaur kuch khawogay?”. Khilao khilao…aek did he will jutey khilao you.
6th type – the super sweet son, probably in his mid-twenties who was so caring and protective about his sick father, he was protecting him like a mother protects her egg. He would feed his father, make his bed, give him medicine on time and even gave the chicken piece that was in his meal. For those who say ‘boys do not love their parents as much as girls do’, he is your man.
7th type – the ‘oh I don’t care about anything, because my mouth and nose is so big, I will snore the life out of everyone’. Thanks to this man I could not sleep the whole night as the sound from his nose and mouth over powered the noise of the engine.
8th type – This type was a full family of four – father, mother, son and daughter who was traveling on ONE confirmed ticket with five million ton luggage. They wouldn’t care that the fellow passengers might have to go through a lot of trouble because of their overcrowding. And moreover they are not even sorry for it. ‘Haq’ se they were sitting on the seat. Phew!
9th type – and finally this sly, opportunist, masked, hidden type who would lurk around the quite compartments when everyone is asleep and relieve people of their valuables. He relieved my friend of his mobile when it was put to charging. He literally stole it right under his nose as it was kept right next to his face. The only thing my friend could do was say ‘Why Meeeeeeeeee???”

A post by Prabin Rai, who is from Darjeeling and is based in Hyderabad. Know more about him here.

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