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8 Surprising Tips to Surf The Web Like A Hacker

Do you surf the Internet like my grandma does, very slow with everything you do, is by doing the hardest way of surfing the web with clicks and scroll. Well, using the hacker tips below you can surf the internet like a pro. These tips will teach you everything from using various shortcuts for your Internet browser to using search engines in the smartest way. An average person spends a lot of time using the Internet from a computer, mobile phone or a tablet so while you use the Internet, these tricks will make you to make surfing the web quite easier and make you appear like a pro hacker.

1. You Can Reopen the Internet Browser Tab You Closed Accidentally

Use Control + Shift + T for Windows OS and Command =+Shift+T for MAC OS. This shortcut works for both Chrome and Firefox browser. This trick is perfect as everyone of us sometimes tend to accidentally close our internet browser.

2. Use Two Google Accounts Simultaneously Using Incognito Windows

   Most of us have multiple email account, maybe one for work and other for personal. Therefore, if suppose you want to open multiple google accounts and use them simultaneously then that's possible. Instead of logging out from the account and then again signing in to other one, you can simply open incognito window to use both the account. Use the shortcut key Command + Shift + N and you will see an incognito window opening for you which works in Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

3. Using Password Manager So You Don't Have to Type or Even Remember Your Password Again

You may not be aware of password managers but these are pretty helpful. You could use password managers Like Mitro and LastPass which will save you a lot of time and the energy to remember and retype passwords. These password managers are plug-ins that are used with the web browser like Chrome and Firefox

4. Search a Specific Page in a Website or a Domain using Search Function Site

Has there been times when you see some internet post in a website and then later you browse the same website and you cannot find what you're looking for? You can use the search operator, site:website.com, in a search engine like Google and search just that site. You then add various keywords related to what you're searching to find out what you're looking for. For instance, the search query, "site:blaberblogger.com" surfing like a hacker" and you'd find this page within my website.

5. Make Your Chrome Bookmark List Less Crowded Making It Display Just the Icon

     Is your bookmark bar in your Google Chrome browser too crowded? Keep all your bookmarks and at the same time make space. Just right click on the bookmark, select edit and delete the name field making it blank. This will leave only the favicon or logo of the bookmarked site making your bookmark bar more spacious.

6. Filtering Advertising using Adblock

    So you're sick of those advertisement that come up when you're surfing webpages like Mashable and Digg? You can download this plug-in called Adblock and filter out those annoying advertisement to have a better browsing experience.

7.  Opening a Link in a New Tab Using Command

    So you want to open a link in a new window or tab? So you go to the link, right click on it and then select open in a new tab option? Well, there is a better way of doing it like a hacker pro. Just hold the command or control key, and click on the link, which will make the link open on a new tab.

8. Searching a Term in Google with Right Click

  So you're browsing the Internet and you come across a term or a phrase and you want to Google search it. Instead of copy-paste the term or phrase in Google and searching it, simply select or highlight the term or phrase, right click and click search on Google, saving you a lot of time and clicks.

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