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13 Life Lessons to Learn After Watching Gone Girl

Gone Girl was indeed one of best movies of 2014, with its mysterious storyline, crazy things happening throughout the film and having a different and interesting ending. Keeping an open mind, quite stupid one, there were many things I learnt after watching the movie Gone Girl and in this post, I am going to share those stupid and weird life lessons I learnt from watching this movie, Gone Girl.

1. Think a hundred times, before getting married to a girl whom you randomly met in a party without any mutual friends.

2. Don’t cheat, because you never know your wife could secretly be a psycho killer.

3. Never date a minor when you’re already a grown up adult, because the minor may turn up doing things really stupid and childish and you’ll land up in a big trouble.
4. Don’t depend completely upon your spouse in terms of financial benefits.
5. Commitment in a relationship is important. If you can’t commit then leave, not cheat.

6. If your ex shows up suddenly out of nowhere, especially when she is rumored to be dead and wants your help, don’t completely trust her. She may end up slitting your throat with a knife.

7. The media will do anything to make the story interesting and this does not mean the story in the news is always true.
8. People have opinions, people support, people criticize. This has nothing to do with truth.
9. People use you for their motive, even if it is being best friends with your weird neighbor to plan out a fake murder.

10. The police and law judge and come to a verdict based on clues they find, and it doesn’t matter if those are real clues or clues you planned to leave out for the police to find.

11. Pregnancy can be used to gain sympathy.
12. Being in a sympathetic condition will make you gain a lot of support, whether you deserve it or not.

13. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge it even after reading the entire book. You may think you know a person very well but you never know what lies hidden inside them. A simple writer and house-wife can turn out to be a mastermind in framing a fake murder of oneself and be a psychopath.


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