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11 Incredible Steps to be a Millionaire by Blogging Online

     You can be a millionaire by just sitting in your room, blogging about stuff and doing nothing more. Shocked? You better not be because that’s the truth. Blogging may take time, to build your audience, your quality and quantity posts and monetize your blog but you actually can be a millionaire by blogging. You wanna know you can actually go about making some really good money by blogging? Well, below are the steps to follow in order to earn good money online blogging and becoming a millionaire creating blog posts:

1. Find Your Niche: So you’ve started blogging and you have posted your first blog post. Now what you need to do is what’s your strength in blogging lies, your expertise and write on it. If you think you travel a lot, then start blogging about your travel experiences. If you think you are very much updated with the latest movies, tv shows or music gigs, then become an entertainment news blogger. Choose correctly what your strength lies in and go for it.

2. Quality Blogging: When you start blogging, make sure you write about stuff that are rare and are frequently searched for. If you write about something that so many hundreds of other bloggers and content writers write about, then your blog post may probably get lost and your dream about being a millionaire blogging will move far. Write about stuff that people are interested in, writing it in an interesting way using good keywords and SEO. Make sure you make your posts worth reading so that your viewers would want to share your post with their friends and also wanna read more of your contents.

3. Quantity Matters: It would be much of dream being a millionaire blogging, if you write one blog post in a month or a two. Whenever you get some free time, write down the ideas and information you have into an online article. The more you write, the more potential earning posts you have in your blog.

4. Be Active in Social Media: Social Media is a great tool when it comes to getting more viewers, advertising and talking about your blog. Make a Facebook fan page, sign up in twitter, get more people to add you in your Google plus circles and be active sharing and resharing people in various social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon, Delicious, Mixxed, PinInterest, etc and get more and more followers. The more active you become and more you interact with other people, the more followers you will get and then share your blog posts on various social media, but do not make it very frequent, as this may irritate your followers.

5. Follow Other Bloggers and Built a Community: Follow various bloggers from your niche, read their posts and learn and get ideas. This way your knowledge will be broadened making you capable of creating more interesting posts. Also leave comments on various blogs from your niche so that other bloggers and readers will read it and check your blog and follow you and even comment on your posts.

6. Google Adsense: You won’t earn a penny if you haven’t monetized your blogs so after  you see that you have written few great blog posts, constantly blogging and have a good traffic, sign up for Google Adsense and once your account gets accepted, start displaying Google Adsense ads on your blog. You earn money for the traffic you receive in your blog where the ad is displayed and even more money when the ad is clicked by your readers. The more traffic you have, the more you earn.

7. Amazon Affiliate: Amazon Affiliate is one of the best affiliate programs where you can earn money by referring a buyer to Amazon to buy an item. An Amazon widget that would be in your blog would display products and deals on various Amazon product and once a read clicks on it and buys a product, you would get a percentage of the sale as a commission. The great thing about it is, if you’re lucky and your reader ends up buying something really expensive, then the commission you get would also be pretty high.

8. Earn Money Reviewing: Yes, you can also get sponsored to review various products online. For instant, you can sign up to PayPerPost.com and then you would get various assignments. You pick up the most suitable one for you and then write an online review about it on your blog and you would be paid for just writing the post. The views you get on the post would make an extra income from your Google Adsense account.

9. Create a Little Controversy: There are plenty of bloggers who have become millionaires by blogging online because their posts are so successful. If you think you don’t agree to something, go write about it. Create controversies and state your opinions and people love that. A plain ordinary article will not gain much attention and even won’t make people reshare them. Bloggers like Perez Hilton for instance, are also creating controversial blog posts about celebrities and the viewers make it go viral all over the internet, gaining more and more traffic to the blog.

10. Content Sharing Widget: When you reach to a level when your blog is making thousands of monthly views, then you can take a step ahead and sign up for content sharing. Website like OutBrain for instance, will let you post a widget in your sidebar or below your blog post and these will display really interesting and related ads of various contents from around the web, which your readers may probably be interested to check out. Once your reader click on the link and gets redirected to the other site of the content, you make money. Even for this, there is no limit to how much money you make. The more views you get and the more clicks you get, the more you make and that can also be making a million by blogging.

11. Sponsored Advertising: It is not just Google Adsense that would pay you for advertising but you could meet advertisers yourself and directly work with them and make money from them advertising. Once your blog starts doing really well, you can find advertisers approaching you to advertise their product and services and you could make money directly from them.

    There are a lot of third party websites too where you can earn extra income by writing articles for them, like blogging, but you just write and they do all the editing, marketing and publicity. I personally use Hubpages, which has great quality articles, excellent editorial team and pays well. You can join Hubpages using my referral by CLICKING HERE.


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