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10 Reasons You Should STOP watching The Vampire Diaries

   So, its been almost six years since the pilot episode of The Vampire Diaries came out in the CW network and everyone got carried away with the adventures of the Vampire Diaries but its high time people should stop watching the Vampire Diaries with six seasons over and seventh season of TVD coming soon.

      You wanna know why you should stop watching the vampire diaries? Let me give you 10 reasons why you should Stop watching TVD:

1. The Awesome Three Vampire Human Siblings Love Story in TVD is not cool.

2. Vampires aren't even scary anymore.

3. No one actually dies in the Vampire Diaries and even if they do, they all come back to life.

4. There has been way too many super natural creatures, even though it is suppose to be about Vampires, there has been Vampires, Rippers, Original Vampires, witches, original witches, gemini witches, salem witches, hunters, original hunters, werewolves, hybrids, etc.

5. So there were original vampires in the Vampires Diaries and then they suddenly disappeared and moved to New Orleans and now they aren't a part of the Vampire Diaries but an entirely new sitcom called The Originals and now you have to catch up with both the Vampire Diaries and the Originals and it making everything confusing and complicated.

6. What's more confusing is the series of doppelganger that comes up and confuse us even more. Elena Gilbert, Katherine Pierce, Tatia, Amara??? Wtf?

7. The Vampire Diaries started out with casts all as humans, and then Stefan Salvatore shows up and then everyone in the family and friends is supernatural. Elena is a vampire, her brother Jeremy is a hunter, her mother is isn't her real mother and her real mother is also a vampire who dies, and her best friend Bonnie happens to be a witch and Caroline turns in to vampire dating Tyler Lockwood who turns into a werewolf, and Vicky Donavan also turns into a vampire but dies and Caroline's dad is on the vampire to turn into a Vampire but dies and all who is left human is Matt Donavan who also hangs out with all supernatural creatures and sometimes hunts them and everything is getting too complicated.

8. Every now and then a big villian show up and just as one villian case is over, another complicated villian story adds up and its now more like a superhero series. Katherine Pierce locked, and then she shows up and then Original Vampires show up and then they disappear and then the original wizard and warlock and then the cure and gemini coven and the merge? Is this ever gonna stop?

9. Relationships in the Vampire Diaries are even way more complicated than that. Elena Gilbert dated Matt Donavan and then Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore with her best friend Caroline Forbes dated Matt Donavan, Tyler Lockwood, Niklaus Michaelson and now Stefan Salvatore who also dated Rebecca Michaelson who also dated Matt Donavan and then it goes on and on.

10. Elena Gilbert who was suppose to be the lead cast for the Vampire Diaries is now on a sleeping beauty sleep forever and is reported is leaving the Vampire Diaries for good and god know what would be the story after season 7 and now its high time you should stop watching the Vampire Diaries.

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