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10 Reasons You Should Go Visit Oman Dive Centre Right Now

Oman Dive Centre is located near Qantab in Muscat and can be a perfect getaway from the crowd of Muscat for a great weekend or to have some really great time with friends or family with the serenity of the Omani sea, its amazing flora and fauna.

        Wondering why you should head to Oman Dive Centre for  a visit. Let me give you perfect 10 reasons why you should go and visit Oman Dive Centre Right Now:

1. You can get the perfect view of the sea, so beautiful never seen anywhere else in Muscat. 
The deep blue Arabian sea at its best at ODC, Muscat. Image Source: nyainswe.wordpress.com
2. Tired of those over crowded beach in Qurum or wanting for some clear sea out of the hustle bustle of the city? Head to ODC, Muscat and enjoy yourself at the calm, serene beaches and you could even have your own private beach just outside your villa.
A great time isolated in a beach just outside your villa.

3. See the marvel of extreme landscapes in Oman here at Oman Dive Centre, located in the coast amidst the rocky hills, with a beach and being very close to the desert.
Extreme landscapes, you can clearly see that. Image Source: TripAdvisor
4. A great time for some adrenaline rush exploring the insides of the Omani sea, diving. Dive excursions are arranged from the ODC Jetty operated by the 'Stingray' in various dive spots whether it be somewhere as near as 5 minutes to far as 1.5 hours.
A paradise for divers in Oman. Image Source: www.idealnizajezdy.cz
5. Explore the amazingly beautiful coral reefs of Oman like the wreck of 'Al Munasir' , giving the divers at Oman Dive Centre a very unique experience of diving, being an absolutely wonderful experience.
Exploring the beautiful sea life of Oman. Image Source: SeaOman.com
6. Dolphin watching is fun and those who live away from the sea always have it in their bucket list, and whale watching is even more exciting. All these can come true with a visit to Oman Dive Centre. Various species of dolphins like the Bottlenose Dolhpins, Spinner Dolphins and Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins can be found and watching them in the wild is an amazingly terrific experience which one can have at Oman Dive Centre.
Watching these amazing creatures in the wild is one great experience.

7. A great place become an amazing place with great food and Oman Dive Centre is amazing because of their great food at their Odyssey restaurant offering food from various international and ethnic cuisines. What could be a better treat than to lie next to the calm sea with great food.
Breakfast at Oman Dive Centre
Mouth watering breakfast at Odyssey restaurant at Oman Dive Centre.
8. The villas where you can stay in ODC is perfect. These are Barsati huts that are located just at the sandy beaches with the beach just outside your door. These huts are fully air-conditioned and you can watch the sunrise and the sunset from just outside your veranda. The rooms also has a locker safe, a mini bar and a beautiful hut styled bathroom.
The luxury of living just next to the beach at Oman Dive Centre. Photo Source: FoodAndTravel.Me
9. That's not just it. Oman Dive Centre also has an outstanding beach bar where you can grab a bottle of beer with your friends or enjoy great cocktails in the beach.
Beer and Beach. An Awesome combination.
10. And if you're tired of swimming in the sea or got tanned too much in the beach, then go for a dive at the swimming pool in Oman Dive Centre which is very refreshing and feels amazing after a long tiring day.
Beach and Pool. Awesome! 

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