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Weird Website Names - What's in a Name Really?

What's in a name? Well, there is something in a name, especially when it comes to the names of websites. Today, there are so many websites, coming up with weird names, whom you don't even remember or does not have any meaning. I guess the name of a website is a very important factor and there is something really in a name of a website.

There are so many new websites coming up every now and then that, you probably haven’t heard of these recently-up Web sites like : Squidoo, Kayak, Pownce, Scandoo, Foonance, Kelkoo. Actually, you wouldn’t recollect the names even if you’d stumbled upon them. Maybe the name of those websites are difficult to remember or may not be of any meaning.
In this, the Web 2.0 era, a new site is launched every fortnight (they’re all in beta, but no matter; they exist). Why do these sites come up with the most out-of-the-world names, which sometimes sound goofy, and are sometimes unpronounceable? What a group of directors used to do behind closed doors earlier is now done... untrained monkeys armed with typewriters. (No, that was speculation; we do a lot of that in this space). Actually, the thanks go to online services like Dot-omator. com: no more wasting time. Just couple of clicks and voila... a new domain and Web 2.0 site name! It is so simple and easy to get a new website with such weird names.

In the past, sites had names that actually meant something, and those names were associated with a brand name and with services offered. (For example, is a spiritual site.) Some big names might seem like exceptions, though, for example, Yahoo!. But then, after some soul-searching, illumination dawns: Yahoo! Is an expression of joy, ostensibly upon receiving an e-mail. (At the time the name was conceived, people just loved to receive mail.) Google refers to one googol Web pages; Googol means 1 followed by 100 zeroes. Then there are the self explanatory names: Amazon (which obviously refers to the vastness of the site, just like the Amazon basin); Digg (referring, doubtless, to the digging up of information); eBay (who can possibly not know that electronic commerce began in the Bay area?); etc.

But there are websites with weird names like Yokld, doodlekit, Bykaee, Yamli, Sphinn, Yuku and many more whose name even I am not recollecting right now . The only way out we can see is to impose the following Three Commandments upon new domain registrars:
  • The name of your domain shall roll freely off the tongue and shall not generate in the listener the question “Beg pardon?”
  • At least five minutes of thought, with valid brain activity being measured and certified by an EMG, shall have gone into the creation of the name.
  • When in public, you shall pin to your breast pocket a badge bearing your name following the name of your site.

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