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Websites for Kids - Quit TV and Join The Internet

A list of very important websites for growing up kids, which would educate as well as entertain the child by games and other stuffs in the site that would interest the child and also help kids to improve their knowledge.

The Internet is full of sites unsuitable for kids (and some adults, for that matter) but if you know what you are looking for, you’ll find places that are tailor-made for impressionable minds—kids, in short. These Websites provide a combination of education and entertainment which are designed keeping in mind the notoriously short attention span of so many children.
Below are the website listed which I recommend the readers to check out:

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic has been in the edutainment business for long, and needs no introduction. National Geographic’s child-oriented publication— National Geographic Kids—is known for its child-specific content, and the Web site is an appropriate complement to the magazine. This site has games, videos and activities, most of them themed around animals past and present. They have videos on prehistoric sea monsters—a complete explanation which will hopefully stop all those questions your daughter had about those giant crocodiles in Ice Age 2. Related activities could be constructing a toothpick model or understanding how fossils are formed. There are a lot of Flash-based games on offer—play Frisbee with the dolphins, or plug holes in a leaky pipe, so a thirsty pup gets water in his bowl. NGK also has an option where children can personalise their homepages, send e-cards to buddies or test new games before they are rolled out. Get cracking!


The baby kangaroos at Paw Park can’t find their fathers, so it’s up to you to help them—the babies are wearing t-shirts with lowercase alphabets on them, and their fathers are wearing t-shirts with uppercase alphabets. This is one of the many games at GameGoo that will keep your pre-schooler enthralled. This site’s motto is “Learning that Sticks”—too bad we didn’t have a pre-schooler at hand who could have proved it, but we guess the site does its job pretty well. GameGoo focuses on language skills like antonyms and synonyms, spellings, sentence construction—all the things that are taught in prep school. Brightly coloured animated characters feature in the games, which are divided into three levels—depending on how advanced the concepts taught are. Children are bound to outgrow the site quickly, but whatever they learn will have been learn well. And this is almost redundant, but there will be peace and quiet in the house—maybe a few excited giggles and claps, but definitely no bawling.

Cartoon Network (Games)

How often we had wished in those afternoon cartoons of long ago that the cat gets whacked one more time, or the duck does just one more somersault before falling down. And those ads- how we used to bitch that it seemed we were watching commercials with bits and pieces of cartoons thrown in. Cartoon Network’s Website solves all the problems. Here, choose from more than 170 free games, leap and whack to you heart’s content for as long as you want and do it without pesky ads. Most of the Flash games in this huge collection are engaging and attention-grabbers. There’s no specific age group to recommend these games to, though the audience of these cartoons is an obvious target. That said, if you want a break from shooting at enemies or racing cars, you might want to exchange places with your little one and have a go at these games yourself. It would be a change, and a nice one.

Peep And The Big Wide World

This site is suitable for 3 to 5 year olds: follow the adventures of three animated characters as they discover the wonders that lie in store for them. The cute chick named Peep and his pals—the little bird Chirp and the waddling duckling Quack, among others, have loads of fun. The site is divided into several sections—activities, games and videos. The games and videos are all Flash-based, have voiceovers and load pretty fast. There’s a now video every day: one day it could be about how Peep discovering that the, evil cat with giant legs and rows of razor sharp teeth was quite harmless , or it could be about how a seed grows up and becomes a plant. The games teach stuff through fun; for instance, the concept of primary colours is taught by splashing the wall with red, green and blue until the required colour appears. Nice, isn’t it? Go ahead and check it out; I promise your kid will love you.

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